IWA 2017 Calendar

Meeting calendar for Airsoft.nu at IWA 2017

A day is between 09:00 to 17:59 (except Monday -15:59).

A normal slot/meeting time for us is around 30 min to 1h.

To make an appointment, please send an email to info@airsoft.nu and suggest 2-3 possible times.

It’s lunch break between 12:00-12:59 every day.

Friday 3/3 Saturday 4/3 Sunday 5/3 Monday 6/3
09:00-09:29  X H7  X H7
09:30-09:59  X H7    X H7
10:00-10:29  X H7  ?  X H7A  ?
10:30-10:59  X H7  ?  X H7A  X H9
11:00-11:29  X H7  X H7  X H7  X H7
11:30-11:59  X H7  X H7  X H7  X H7
12:00-12:29  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
12:30-12:59  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch  Lunch
13:00-13:29  X H7  X  X
13:30-13:59  X H7  X  X
14:00-14:29  X H7A  X H3  X
14:30-14:59  X H7A  X  X
15:00-15:29  X H7A  X H7  X
15:30-15:59  X H7A  X H7  X
16:00-16:29  X H7  X H7  X *End of IWA*
16:30-16:59  X H7  X H7  X H7A
17:00-17:29  X H7  X H7  X H7A
17:30-17:59  X H7
18:00- *End of day* *End of day* *End of day*

H1-9 = Hall number

X = Busy time
? = Maybe a busy time