G&G World Airsoft Action DVD

Maggie från tillverkaren G&G Armament i Taiwan meddelar;

The purpose of making this Airsoft action DVD is to promote airsoft spots, share your experiences with other airsofters from other countries and make people realize airsoft is a fun, healthy sport.

G&G is very grateful for all those who provide us the footage of Airsoft skirmish from Arabic, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Swiss, Thailand and UK. G&G would like to say special thanks to those who support this project and provide us the exciting footages in the early stage.

You think you have seen it all? G&G is proud to announce the second edition of a sixty-minute Airsoft DVD will be released on January, 2011, including never seen before footages, sound, special effects and a lot more footages from other countries. So, what are you waiting for?

We need your support! We need your footages! Send us your exciting Airsoft action videos before November 15th and we will include your footages with your name and logos in our Airsoft DVD. This second edition DVDs will be produced more than 80, 000 copies and broadcasted worldwide.

You think your video is more thrilling? You think your filming skill is more professional? If you want to be known to the Airsoft community worldwide and be part of the most exciting Airsoft action DVD in the history, come join now!

Send your clips to support@guay2.com today!
Thank you for your support!
The G&G Armament Team