0’20 Magazine #2 publicerad


Airsofttidningen 0’20 Magazine med redaktion i Spanien har skickat in information om att de har givit ut nr 2 av deras engelska version av tidningen. Den finns både i digitalt format och i pappersformat, även om ingen svensk butik har den (vad Airsoft.nu vet).

Here in 0’20 Magazine are glad to share with you (and your community) the release of the issue #2 of our magazine. As always, FREE! You’ve heard correctly, both printed (distributed through hundreds of airsoft stores in more than 10 countries) and online magazine on click away: www.020mag.com/magazine/02

The online magazine can be read in your PC, laptop, iPad, smartphone. It’s loaded with videos, photo galleries… tons of extra content that makes the magazine more interactive. And if you have available the printed magazine in your nearest airsoft store, you will find out that it’s not a simple paper magazine. High quality design and bookbinding, appreciated by most collectors.

Läs tidningen: http://www.020mag.com/magazine/02/