ASG har lanserat ATS-serien till sitt varumärke Strike Systems

Danska ActionSportGames (ASG) har offentliggjort produktserien ATS till deras varumärke Strike Systems.

De produkter som ingår i produktserien (åtminstone initialt) är ATS B.E.T., ATS-magasin och ATS Stock.

Produkterna uppges anlända till butikerna inom kort.

Den observante noterar säkert att åtminstone magasinen och axelstöden sedan tidigare säljs av ett företag i USA men med annan text (ledtråd).

ATS B.E.T. (Barrel Extension Tube) [19153]

This quick detach barrel extension tube gives your rifle a modern and unique look and finishes your barrel in style. Mounting to a normal 14mm barrel thread the included QD mount gives you the option to mount the tube at any angle you wish and remove it for storage or transport. Made from aluminium alloy, the tube is perfect for shrouding an extended inner barrel or just adding to the look of any gun.

Axelstödet ATS M-Stock Retractable kommer i svart färg [19143] respektive TAN [19144].

Combining an ergonomic shape that provides a secure cheek weld for precision shots, the Strike Systems ATS Stock has a modern, angular aesthetic to give your gun a unique look. The slide-lock system allows you to rapidly switch between various stock positions and holds securely when you set it in place on the majority of AEG buffer tubes on the market. Large internal spaces give you plenty of room to store even large batteries of both NiMh and LiPo sizes or accessories and they are accessed by simply removing the textured anti-slip butt pad.

• Colour: Black/Tan
• Anti-skid butt pad
• Ergonomic adjustment latch for quick stock removal
• Large battery compartment
• Specialised Li-Po compartment

ATS Strike M, 300 rd. M15 series Polymer magazine, kommer i svart färg [19145] respektive TAN [19146].

This aggressively styled polymer magazine from Strike Systems features a high-traction textured surface and holds up to 300 BBs. Winding is easy using the innovative pull-cord, just flip the toggle handle out, pull the cord a few times and the magazine is tensioned to feed giving you enough ammunition to outgun your opponents in any firefight.
Will fit most M4/5.56 style Airsoft rifles.
Colour: Black/Tan