Intervju med Kireru: Disruptive Society

Det är många i denna bransch som verkligen utmärker sig i kunskap, hjälpsamhet och karisma. Vi ska fokusera på den sistnämnda och rikta strålkastaren en liten stund för en person som varit till stor hjälp för oss på när det kommer till de större mässorna och information till nyheter. Thomas, som han egentligen heter, syns till på en del av våra videos från ASG och även flera av just ASG:s bilder.


1. So what does name Kireru mean? And what does it stand for according to you?

Kireru is actually a japanese ‘slang’ word which roughly means “to snap”. Kireru is used to describe people that suddenly go crazy or ‘snap’ without cause. Back in the day I used to be a hardcore gamer and I needed a nick I could use consistently. I saw a documentary on how young students in Japan went ballistic and at times did horrible things without cause or warning. Back then, being a young hot headed teen, I thought that it applied to me and my gaming persona.

I bought the domain after many years of having the gamer nick and it has since been my online handle. Hell I even used it back when we had file sharing programs for pirate stuff.

2. When did your journey start with Kireru and what sparked you to take the first step.

Kireru Airsoft officially started in 2014 january 1st with my first video on YouTube and Blog post. At that time I had been playing Airsoft for about 7-8 years and wanted to try the whole YouTube video and blogging idea. At first it was mainly POV videos, but I’m a conservative player – the kind that likes to survive a whole game rather that just going after kills. This didn’t make for great videos and there are people that are way more interesting and fun to watch. So I decided to film others instead. I liked the idea of showcasing how other people played and what gear and setup they had. So I invested heavily in getting a Canon 70D and a glidecam which later got upgraded to a Ronin-M Gimbal. Later on, motion graphics got my interest and I like to incorporate that as well with my videos.

3. You’ve changed profile from ”Kireru Airsoft” to ”Kireru: Disruptive Society”. What was the base concept when you started the project and how has it transformed over the years to what it is now?

As some know, I work for ActionSportGames as a graphic designer and used to handle most of our Social Media presence. This exposed me to a lot of Airsoft content both online and offline. What I started to slowly see, was my generation of players and older, being swapped out with the younger more speedy players and how affected the mainstream game style and the overall feel of the community. The whole military/tactical aspect started to fade away, but I still wanted to keep my own personal goals going.

So the whole transition started when I began to lose interest in the now mainstream Airsoft scene and wanted to follow my original admiration with Airsoft which was the guns, tactics and mindset.

While still under the Kireru Airsoft banner I started to involve myself with RS people. Both in the industry and community. It was around that time I started my relationship with Project Gecko, a German based Company that offers Real Steel courses.

With Kireru: Disruptive Society I wanted to tune more into the RS industry and community. I felt that Airsoft had and still has a bad rep. with the RS crowd and wanted to seperate myself from the general view of kids playing with BBs and not really adding core values to an already existing gun culture. Basically I’m just a civilian trying to show off some gear and make some entertaining and informative videos in the process. That said, I’m probably somewhat of a Doomsday prepper… No I don’t have a bunker somewhere in the desert, but I do have that itchy feeling that one day really bad things could happen. Sure we live in a world with flowers and safe spaces – but ‘bad things’ is a broad definition. It could be a garbage human deciding to take lives but it could also be a car accident or you’re caught in a bad place with very limited resources to get out. It’s not the ‘warrior’ mindset I’m trying to preach. For the most part it’s a pretty fucking retarded notion that you’re a warrior because you got some kit and BDUs especially when you’re dual wielding Airsoft guns. You’re not a warrior because you conceal carry or got a EDC kit. You might be a prepared individual, but real warriors are guarding our streets, borders and doing fuckery in other countries so you’re safe in yours.

No K:DS is about learning and growing as a individual by taking so many elements from the tactical industry and airsoft and learning how to learn, if that makes sense.

The need and wanting to learn more is always a positive attribute to have in life and focusing that attribute to the tactical industry gives me something back I can use in many aspects of my personal and professional life. It’s easier to keep that focus when it’s stuff you love and can geek around with. Applying the same focus in a math class takes a lot more brain activity than I can spare. So instead of just living a mundane in front of the tv or computer I try and keep that energy going with gear and guns

4. We’ve seen the recent updates of your YouTube that you’ve been more active in other projects as ”Project Gecko”. How has that impacted your way to approach the hobby?

Project Gecko was a true blessing. Eli the founder of the company is a close friend now and having the chance to discuss topics like tactics, the industry and community has really been pushing me in the direction I always wanted to go. Even getting to host a CQB course by Project Gecko here in Denmark. Having the chance and luck to part take in these courses where there is no gearwhoring, no BS Airsoft teory or ninja moves, has really been a great learning experience. All the bullshit you see on YouTube and Instagram are all without proper context. Fancy moves and kit gets all the views, but it’s baseless with no substance. Getting to these real courses and talking it all through really was an eye opener as how to approach tactical training, kit, trouble shooting, problem solving etc.

Shooting the real stuff is of course when you hit climax, but after all the courses, the learning, the impressions – still having airsoft guns as a tool to keep training and expanding your own perception is great to keep that momentum going.

5. If you could build the perfect airsoft rifle, what characteristics would it have?

The perfect Rifle for me would be an actual functioning realistic Airsoft training rifle. Bolt carrier, bolt lock, mechanical parts moving, recoil – the whole works and no god damn hose sticking attached to it. A rifle that would allow me to train with realism but also allow me to use it for skirmish games.

There are rifles that come close, but durability and reliability leaves much to be desired.

Of course it’s all based around the AR15 platform.

6. ”2C|1H” where does that come from and how did you feel that embodied the Kireru name to make it your patch?

There a many levels to the 2C|1H patch both from a personal and marketing point of view.

I wanted to make something that the tactical industry would recognize right away. Originally known as the mozambique drill or failure drill, most shooters and people in the tactical industry knows exactly what the logo represents.

Anybody that used to watch the old Navy Seal documentary once aired on Discovery, knows where the reference also come from. I watched that documentary on multiple occasions and it was most definitely one of the pillars of my embodied love for firearms I keep thinking back to.

So the patch is a homage to my own nostalgic love of guns, the military and all things tactical, but also a clear indicator of my stand on the right to defend yourself and what my channel is about. Again seperating myself from just being about Airsoft.

Originally intended as my channels Logo, I started to like the idea of it being a patch, again representing so much to people that knows where it comes from.

I didn’t want the patch to be a show piece for my channel, in fact that’s why I left out any references like the name of my channel. I wanted it to be a stand alone patch which for many people might have the same meaning or maybe something completely different. Either way I think it hits home with a lot of people that ‘gets it’.

7. A little birdy told me that a small get together during IWA became a little bigger than expected. How and when will you top that? #mealsimforlife

MEALSIM was an epic social experiment. Yes it was truely one of a kind event that kinda went viral yet not.. It was a great way for people in the Airsoft industry to set aside their differences and just showed up to have a great meal and a good time. But the whole process on how people together can create such hype and a common goal, simply for the reason of being part of something greater was beyond my wildest expectations.

I’m not sure it can be topped. I most definitely can’t top it, it’s up to the people in the industry and community to make that happen. But I can say I’ve been getting requests around the world for it to be set up in many different countries, so who knows… Maybe it can become an international battle to see who makes the most epic MEALSIM.

In the end, I can’t take credit for MEALSIM though – sure I set it up and created a platform – but certain individuals really gave it 110% and blew it the fuck up.

8. What is you best experience or memory from past training that thought you something still sticks with you?

There are many things that have shaped me in a positive way when looking back. I would say two things have defined my thought and action process which I would consider worth sticking to.

1: Question everything. Just because somebody does it or tells you that’s how it is, doesn’t make it so. Stop and ask why. For the most part you’ll get an answer that makes sense.

But even if all the answers are right, that doesn’t mean they are the most optimal answer.

This translate into so many decision making processes both personal, professional and tactical.

I’m not saying you should say ‘NO’ to everything, but question why that technique is taught, why that decision is made, why you wear that kit that way and look around to see if there is a better alternative.

2: Learn, Experience and Adapt: Wanting to learning is a great attribute, but again remember to ask why. Approach the subject from different angles and get the broader and fuller picture. Watching Youtube videos isn’t enough to ‘get it’ – go out and experience it. Once you get what you perceive as a full understanding you can adapt it to better fit your own needs and preferences.

9. You’ve been helping in some things that aren’t training related. You helped out as an extra on a project called ”The Foreigners”, lend out some stuff for a Steelseries ad and been in some airsoft feature pictures. Is there any part of a project you’ve been a part of that no one has noticed yet?

Ummm… Not that I can think of. I would say one of the more unknown facts about me, is that  I created and designed the visual artwork for ASG’s Scorpion EVO. I designed the concept based on the feedback from top brass and designed the actual packaging. Not the biggest achievement in my life, but having Japanese customers say they really loved the more clean stylish Danish design (which I was going for) compared to more traditional Airsoft packaging was a pretty awesome acknowledgement of my work.

10. Are there any projects ongoing that we can expect to see soon?

I’m working on a few things. I have a bunch of stuff I gotta make some videos for. I’ve had the utmost fortune of meeting some great people that have been more than generous to give me stuff to test and show off. Unfortunately Denmark isn’t keen on low priced studios or having tactical kit shown out in the public, so getting those videos squared away is a challenge and I would love my content not to involve me filming in my small apartment.

11. Are Costa and Haley still a big piece of your office wall? ( )

New office, same pics.

12. Anyone that has ever talked to you knows your quick with words and that your arms are decorated with the merc with the mouth. What is your favourite part from either the movies or comics?

The movies are great, DP2 was far more awesome that I could have hoped for. I was a DP fan when I attended my first Milsim so many years ago. Even bought DP badges and gave them to my teammates. There are many great moments in the movies, but one of my fav. moments is the Dark Reign Deadpool comic series, where DP goes head to head with Norman Osborn and the Thunderbolts. There is one page/moment that really made me laugh and realize that DP was totally my kind of ‘Superhero’.

Norman Osborn has it in for DP big time and gets DP killed to get him out of the way. Of course the Regenerating Degenerate comes up with the best possible way to let Osborn know he wasn’t out of the picture. During a live tv broadcast interview, DP teleports into the studio to deliver one message to Osborn:

Totally made me spill liquids on my crocs

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