ASG uppdaterar Scorpion EVO-serien med bättre gearbox

Danska ActionSportGames (ASG) har offentliggjort att de kommer lansera en ny revision av deras populära Scorpion EVO-serie. Den nya revisionen innebär några uppdateringar i gearboxen.

Produkterna med 2018-revisionen kommer fortsätta ha samma artikelnummer och priser som nuvarande, så kunderna kommer inte (baserat på artikelnumret) se om de köper en 2018-revision eller inte.

ASG har dock som avsikt att också släppa 2018-delarna som reservdelar för de med befintliga versioner som vill uppgradera.

ASG’s CZ Scorpion EVO 3A1 has consitently exceeded the benchmarks for what is expected of an AEG, offering a combination of faithful realism, realistic construction and unparalleled shooting performance – right out of the box. Summer 2018 sees the unveiling of the next stage of the evolution of the first and only Airsoft gun to be designed and manufactured in Denmark.

With each revision the EVO has proven to consistently perform even better and has ensured it continues to eliminate all competition. Now though, after nearly 2 years of development and testing, we’re proud to introduce the most significant updates to the EVO yet – udates that will redefine the standards of AEG performance…

The 2018 upgrades include:
• Gearbox shell/casing
• Cylinder set – cylinder and cylinder head
• Piston

The new cylinder set is compatible with other 3rd party Version 2 and Version 3 (M4/AK/G36) gearboxes and we intend to make it available as a separate upgrade component in the near future.

All 2018 revision specification parts are 100% inter-compatible with previous versions.

2018 revision parts will be implemented as a rolling product update. The product codes will remain the same and the price is unchanged.

Waranty procedure
The existing ASG waranty support will continue to be provide. We intend to make the 2018 revision components available for ASG account holders to purchase as spares in the event that their customers wish to update existing guns.

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