CowCow Technology har lanserat TM M&P9L Ultra-Lightweight Blowback Housing

Tillverkaren CowCow Technology i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de har lanserat Ultra-Lightweight Blowback Housing för pistolen M&P9L från Tokyo Marui.

New product by COWCOW Technology – TM M&P9L Ultra-Lightweight Blowback Housing
Ultra-Light Blowback Housing is precision CNC machined from aluminum for enhancing durability and quality. Weighing
in at just 17 grams, this blowback housing will improve the cycling action as well as gas transmission and provides
smooth and fast blowback action, with better gas efficiency while using this blowback housing. The silver plate is
designed for protecting the piston to avoid malfunction. It is compatible with Tokyo Marui M&P9L.