Berget 17: Operation White Lizard (arrangören har släppt information)

Ikväll har spelarrangören Berget Events släppt information om Berget 17 som är sommaren 2019 och det går under namnet Operation White Lizard.

Biljettförsäljningen startar söndag 4:e november 20:00 CET (GMT+01).

Evenemanget pågår tisdag 25 juni till lördag 29 juni (varav spel pågår dagarna 26-29 juni).


We are very excited to present the plans for our upcoming Berget game in June 2019.

Berget 17 will feature a large scale conflict between a guerilla type unit and government forces. We will continue to focus on team balance, and redefine value of the individual capture points. There will be a true game-impact when your team takes control over a CP.

New to this year’s game is a contaminated zone on the game-area that can only be accessed with biohazard suit and gasmask, the area holds key objects to capture. Some units and missions will provide you with the right equipment to enter.

There will also be a flying “reaper-drone” in-game, with dual striking capability. It can attack vehicles and tanks with B.A.V.S, and also attack soft targets as infantry out in the open. Mechanized units without air support will have to adapt and rely on camouflage and cooperation with friendly units using the new B.A.A.S stingers (Berget Anti-Air System) when a reaper-drone is in the area.

The “reaper-drone” is limited to only patrol areas where your teams SAM-sites are offline/destroyed and can be shot down with hand held stingers anti air weapons. More info will be posted in the rules section.
New flying Reaper Drone with built in BAVS that can attack vehicles, structures and infantry
New System: B.A.A.S – Both hand held and vehicle mounted Berget Anti-Air System that only can be used against flying targets
Clustered Capture system where every capture will matter and have impact on your teams overall progress
Destroyable drone airstip and fuel depot

Ticket release:

All tickets to Berget 17 will be released at this website on Sunday the 4th of November 2018 20:00 CET (GMT+01). The tickets will be sold at a discounted price the first night. The following ticket prices will increase by the turn of each month.

Best Regards, Berget crew.

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