LCT Airsoft lanserar AK EBB-kit idag

Idag, måndag  har tillverkaren LCT Airsoft i Taiwan lanserat AK EBB-kit, som enligt tillverkaren ska ge likvärdig rekylkänsla som gasdrivna airsoftgevär med blowback (GBB).

The introduction of EBB KIT set

The latest products PK-331AK EBB Kit (L) and PK-332 AK EBB Kit (S), included a upgrade Gear Box and a realistic Bolt Carrier. This model has two functions, moved forward and backward Bolt Carrier and blow back, compatible with LCT LCK series AEG.

You can get the upgrade LCK AEG only replacing the original Gear Box and Bolt Carrier with PK-331AK EBB Kit (L) or PK-332 AK EBB Kit (S) by yourself.

The latest products use NEW parts, High Torque Gear Set (PK-337,PK-338,PK-339) which is made of Full Steel, High Torque Motor, new designed Full Steel Piston and Bolt Carrier which except GBB only LCT made in the world.

When players operate AEG will have the same true feeling like GBB. The brand new generation of realistic AEG is coming….!!!

The latest LCT products AK EBB Kits will be launched on 29th October, there will have two models, PK-331 AK EBB Kit (Long) and PK-332 AK EBB Kit (Short),

PK-331 AK EBB Kit (Long),
1) For LCT LCK-74M / LCK-74 / LCKM /LCKM Economy / LCKM-63 / TX-5 / TK-104 / LTS-Keymod13.5 / LTS-Keymod9.5 / TX-MIG / TX-63 / TX-M / RPK AEG.
2) These models should be assembled the PK-340 TK Folding Stock Tube : LCK-74MN / LCKS-74M / LCK-104 / LCK-105 / LCKS-74 / TK-105 / TK-102 AEG, then can install PK-331.
3) Only the AIMS / TIMS AEG need to assemble the PK-200 TK104 Stock Tube before EBB kits.

PK-332 AK EBB Kit (Short),
1) For LCT TX-74UN AEG
2) These models should be assembled the PK-340TK Folding Stock Tube : TX-S74UN/ LCKS-74UN / LCK-106 AEG, then can install PK-332.