Airtech Studios har lanserat USA (Universal Sidewinder Adapter)

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong har lanserat universaladaptern ”USA” (Universal Sidewinder Adapter) som är tänkt att ersätta alla olika adaptrar till snabbladdaren M12 Sidewinder från Odin Innovations.

Denna adapter kommer finnas i svart respektive röd färg.

The most successful bb loader in the market has seen sales success across the whole airsoft market with its abilities to load magazines with much lightning speed compared to speedloaders before, however the Odin Sidewinder is only available to fit M4 style magazine, and if you want to use it on other mags like MP5, Vector mags, etc, you would need to purchase the 3D printed specific adapters.

Our USA Universal Sidewinder Adapter enables ALL magazines to now be compatible with the sidewinder with ease rather than depending on the many 3D printed adapters. Our ”USA” to fit flush inside the sidewinder and with an adjustable velcro strap to cater for all shapes and sizes of magazines in the airsoft market. This is also compatible with the other sidewinder variants by other companies like Valken, Nuprol and Big Dragon! We believe this should be a good seller in the market.

Som framkommer i pressmeddelandet är USA-adaptern också kompatibel med kopior av M12 Sidewinder. Exempelvis Valken Max Reloader, Nuprol Speedloader och Big Dragon Speedloader.

I samband med detta pressmeddelande berättar de också att de har lanserat batteriförlängaren BEU (Battery Extension Unit) till PDW-serien från tillverkaren VFC.

VFC has been picking up speed with their Avalon PDW series in the market with their high quality and their performances. However, for their PDW series, the battery space still seems to be an issue. Like our BEUs this version is able to much larger size batteries to power the players AEGs to last longer games!