ASG har fått licensrättigheterna för ISSC

Idag tillkännagav danska ASG (ActionSportGames) att de har fått licensrättigheterna för produkter från ISSC som airsoftvapen och tillbehör till airsoftvapen.

Förmodligen hade ASG tänkt tillkännage detta på IWA-mässan som skulle ha börjat på fredag om den inte ställts in.

Gällande ISSC så hade tidigare ett slovenskt företag (Tolmar) licensrättigheterna för ISSC som airsoftvapen.

ActionSportGames Joins Forces with ISSC Austria as Worldwide Licensee for replicas of their products.

Espergaerde. Denmark, March 2020 – ActionSportGames A/S, are pleased to announce that we have entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with ISSC of Austria, to produce replicas of the extensive range of firearms and accessories manufactured by the company.

ISSC Handels GmbH (ISSC) has granted ActionSportGames A/S, the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute exclusively worldwide replicas of their firearms and other related products using ISSC design and/or intellectual property.

ISSC engineer and design their products in house to deliver ‘Austrian Power’ to firearms enthusiasts worldwide. The world renowned and innovative ISSC began business in 2009 with their first firearm, the M22 .22lr pistol, and have gone from strength to strength releasing a score of exciting firearms in .22lr, 17HMR, .222rem and .223Rem. ISSC are a multi award winning company who have been recognised by the Savage Award 2013 as ‘one of the top five export distributors’ in the shooting sports community.

In a joint statement ISSC’s CEO Wolfram Kriegleder and ASG’s CO-founders Henrik Grobelnik and Mr. Johnny Pedersen said, the new relationship would yield significant mutual benefits to both parties and the collaboration echoed ISSC’s belief that, in the shooting sports community, ‘Together we are strong’.
Mr Henrik Grobelnik added, “At ASG we are extremely pleased to be working with ISSC and hope to begin this new venture starting with airsoft 6mm and airgun 4.5mm versions of ISSC’s flagship models. For some time, airsoft and 4.5 mm airgun products have been a rapidly growing and evolving market category in the shooting sports and firearms industry. Forging strong links with the great names in the firearms community has always been our goal and we feel that together our companies have both the experience and skill to ensure success in this venture.”

ActionSportGames A/S is a global leading licensee, manufacturer and distributor of airsoft guns, airguns and related products, headquartered in Denmark with offices in the UK & USA. ASG has exclusive worldwide rights to represent and replicate realistic 1:1 versions of well-known firearms brands and specialises in producing high end, authentic, replicas that lend themselves to being customised. We work with these brands in the most dedicated way, making them the natural choice for current and future airgun and airsoft gun users.

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