Berget 18 framflyttat till 2022

Berget 18 är framflyttat till juni 2022, meddelar arrangören Berget Events.

Berget 18 skulle ursprungligen ha pågått sommaren 2020 men flyttades fram till 2021 eftersom arrangören hade en förhoppning om att pandemin var över denna sommar. Men nu är detta alltså framflyttat till nästa år för att förhoppningsvis kunna genomföras då.

Dear friends, participants, crewmembers and commanders. We have come to a point where another hard decision has to be made.

We had until now hoped that all of the world’s collective actions and efforts would have made it possible to run the event as planned this summer. Unfortunately, it now stands clear that the current laws and restrictions in Sweden makes it impossible for us to do so.

The pandemic has affected many parts of our lives over the last year. Like many other recurring event organizers we see how a lot of big airsoft events around the world are closing down for good. Berget however, will still be standing strong, and when this is all over it is our intention to not only continue making some of the best and biggest games in the world, but to keep helping grow the hobby as well. We recently had a meeting with the team and owners about the future and we are 100 % devoted to take Berget into the future post Corona.

Even so, it is with a heavy heart that we have been forced to make the decision to postpone this summer’s planned event until next year. Berget 18 will be held in June of 2022. All ticket holders will of course keep their tickets until then. We have taken measures to secure the quality of the event for the new date and made sure that all stakeholders and contractors involved will be able to deliver as promised. There will not be any ticket refunds, but we will help to promote second hand sales for anyone that wants to sell their ticket.

We had all been looking forward to this summer and showing you all the cool new ideas and concepts we have been working on during the last year. But rest assured that this will be spent working on new game development and more interesting missions for you to experience at Berget 18 in 2022.
Best Regards
Berget Crew