Inferno Games Evolution flyttar till 2022

Arrangören av Inferno Games Evolution har meddelat att evenemanget skjuts fram till maj 2022.

Eftersom Inferno Games Evolution (2020) inte kunde genomföras förra året på grund av coronapandemin, flyttades det till detta år men eftersom det fortfarande är pandemi så flyttas det till nästa år och kan förhoppningsvis genomföras då.

Även Berget 18 är framflyttat till 2022.

A few weeks ago The Public Health Agency of Sweden informed the country that the current regulations and restrictions to combat Covid-19 would at the earliest be lifted by the time of the Swedish midsummer (late June). This was effectively the death sentence for a game in May 2021.

Since then we have looked at our options, talked to a lot of players to get their view and have had long discussions about what to do and really tried to figure out the best way forward.

We know that there are many players that want a game during the fall, but unfortunately it’s not viable. And even if we would gamble on a date in August (before the hunting season), it doesn’t look promising. Also to make sure our international players will have a chance to join the game as planned we have to take travel restrictions in consideration as well.

It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that the game has to be postponed until May 2022.

We are well aware of what damage a long delay between games does to memory of the story and all the hard work all you players have put into the game. We feel and share your frustrations about the situation, believe us, we do not like this.

The ticket transfer system that is online on our homepage will stay up until further notice, so that you can sell or give away your ticket if you can’t participate (or don’t want to) in May 2022.


The entire Inferno Games Crew

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