Umbrella Armory Europe lanserar OCAW XF-serien

Umbrella Armory EU lanserar OCAW XF-serien

Umbrella Armory i Europa är på gång att lansera OCAW XF-serien.

I samband med lanseringen 7:e juli har de en tävling med 300 vinster.

Se inskickat pressmeddelande nedan och bilder ännu längre ned:

Originally founded in the United States, Umbrella Armory used to be a rarity which was hard to come by. Now, their world renown custom rifles are made entirely in the heart of Europe at their Austrian headquarter. Bringing the finest in custom airsoft rifles their newest addition will change the way that the Californian brand is going to be looked at by players with their line up starting at only a fraction of what it once used to cost to get one of these handmade custom pieces.

For the first time since the inception of the company, Umbrella Armory .EU has developed their entire OCAW in Austria, bringing German engineering and Austrian CNC manufacturing to their new flagship rifle. Not only is this new rifle jam packed with all of the greatest upgrades in Airsoft, the new OCAW is also partially manufactured by H.E.R.A. Arms who CNC mill the new Umbrella XFORCE MLOK Rail from one one piece of billet aluminium.

The new OCAW is something to look out for in case you are searching for the lightest and highest performing rifle money can buy today. Considering Umbrella’s prestigious reputation for outstanding customer service, we know that anything which is released by them is here to stay, lasting for years on the field and offering many ways to upgrade your rifle down the line.

Featuring their the latest tech in terms of MOSFETs, brushless motors, precision machined barrels and the snappiest trigger response known in the game, the new OCAW XF Series is bringing everything you want from an Airsoft rifle in one perfected setup for everyone. With their renown mission packages their new Series is structured into three lengths (5″, 11″ and 15″) leaving nothing to wish for when you are playing CQB or taking the long shots as a designated marksman. Combining the best of all worlds, you are able to mix and match the different packages to create a combination which fits your unique playstyle or to simply change your FPS on the field without any tools required.

In case you cant wait to get one and want to avoid paying the full price, you have a chance to win one out of over 300 prizes during their launch on 07-07-2022. All you have to do is to sign up for the event on their website to get early access.

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