Airtech Studios har lanserat USA (Universal Sidewinder Adapter)

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong har lanserat universaladaptern ”USA” (Universal Sidewinder Adapter) som är tänkt att ersätta alla olika adaptrar till snabbladdaren M12 Sidewinder från Odin Innovations.

Denna adapter kommer finnas i svart respektive röd färg.

The most successful bb loader in the market has seen sales success across the whole airsoft market with its abilities to load magazines with much lightning speed compared to speedloaders before, however the Odin Sidewinder is only available to fit M4 style magazine, and if you want to use it on other mags like MP5, Vector mags, etc, you would need to purchase the 3D printed specific adapters.

Our USA Universal Sidewinder Adapter enables ALL magazines to now be compatible with the sidewinder with ease rather than depending on the many 3D printed adapters. Our ”USA” to fit flush inside the sidewinder and with an adjustable velcro strap to cater for all shapes and sizes of magazines in the airsoft market. This is also compatible with the other sidewinder variants by other companies like Valken, Nuprol and Big Dragon! We believe this should be a good seller in the market.

Som framkommer i pressmeddelandet är USA-adaptern också kompatibel med kopior av M12 Sidewinder. Exempelvis Valken Max Reloader, Nuprol Speedloader och Big Dragon Speedloader.

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Airtech Studios lanserar Gearbox Installation Kit (GIK)

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de är på gång att lansera verktyget Gearbox Installation Kit (GIK) som ska göra det enklare vid underhåll av gearbox.

The product is a gearbox installation kit used to help any users save the frustration of putting the gearbox together after maintenance or upgrade in the gearbox. This could save a lot of hours and time to put it back together and is a great upsell product for any customer who buys any gearbox related upgrades for the rifles.

This will be an amazing upsell product for any customer who purchases any AEG related products, guns or upgrades like the pistons, cylinders, gears etc.

We aim to have these available by the end of this week for launching.

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Airtech Studios lanserar Enhanced Hop-up Gear för Scorpion EVO 3-serien

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong fokuserar nu på att göra ASG Scorpion EVO 3-serien bättre och kommer nästa månad lansera Enhanced Hop-up Gear.

Förra månaden presenterade de Stock-Butt Stabilizer Unit som gör axelstödet mer stabilt.

Available in Dec 2018

Designed specifically for the ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1 upgrade the existing adjustment wheel for easier and precise Hop-up adjustments.

– Newly increased adjustment knob

– Adjust the hop-up even with gloves on

– Stronger gear system to keep hop-dial in place

– Give a fresh aggressive look to your Scorpion Evo

– No need to carry an Allen around during skirmishes and adjust on the go

– Made of strong fibreglass nylon

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Airtech Studios lanserar Stock-Butt Stabilizer Unit för Scorpion Evo 3-serien

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong är på gång att lansera Stock-Butt Stabilizer Unit för ASG Scorpion Evo 3-serien för att göra axelstödet mer stabilt.

Kommer lanseras inom kort. I tillverkarens egen webshop går det att förhandsboka till priset $9.99 (USD) men kommer efter lansering också finnas hos deras återförsäljare.

Scorpion Evo 3 A1 – Stock-Butt Stabilizer Unit

We all love the performance from the Scorpion Evo with the pristine performance along with its unique tactical style.

From user demand, we developed a stabilizer unit in order to lock-down the stock-butt eliminating any shaking or rattling while players run or take aim.

As a result, the noise from the constant rattling is eliminated, while aiming is improved from the stabilized stock against your shoulder

Fully stabilizes the buttstock
Made from durable flexible stainless steel
Simple to install
An essential upgrade for your Scorpion Evo A1!

Airtech Studios är sedan tidigare kända som tillverkaren som gör delar som förbättrar airsoftvapen från andra tillverkare, exempelvis BEU (Battery Extension Unit) för Ares AM-serie (bland annat AM-013, AM-014 och AM-015) samt G&G ARP-serien.

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Airtech Studios lanserar BEU för G&G ARP9 och ARP556 i december

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong som tidigare är kända för bland annat BEU (Battery Extension Unit) för Ares Amoebas modeller AM-013 / 014 / 015 kommer i december lansera motsvarande för ARP9 och ARP556 från G&G Armament.

By popular demand from our followers and abundance requests from our retailers, we are on route to manufacture a Battery Extension Unit (BEU) for the popular G&G ARP9 & ARP556. Players have been loving the performance of this highly anticipated gun with it’s new electronic gearbox technology, but have struggled to utilize larger batteries for their setup. With the help of the BEU, users will be able to utilize larger batteries especially with the G&G drum mag to improve their Airsoft experiences with the gun. Also, it acts also to help protect the cables and program unit from over bending. Please see attached for a quick demonstration poster of our product.

Our website is currently accepting pre-order of the item and will be ready for shipping ready for Christmas period – perfect time for customers treat themselves to an early present!

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