Airtech Studios lanserar Enhanced Hop-up Gear för Scorpion EVO 3-serien

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong fokuserar nu på att göra ASG Scorpion EVO 3-serien bättre och kommer nästa månad lansera Enhanced Hop-up Gear.

Förra månaden presenterade de Stock-Butt Stabilizer Unit som gör axelstödet mer stabilt.

Available in Dec 2018

Designed specifically for the ASG Scorpion Evo 3 A1 upgrade the existing adjustment wheel for easier and precise Hop-up adjustments.

– Newly increased adjustment knob

– Adjust the hop-up even with gloves on

– Stronger gear system to keep hop-dial in place

– Give a fresh aggressive look to your Scorpion Evo

– No need to carry an Allen around during skirmishes and adjust on the go

– Made of strong fibreglass nylon

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Airtech Studios lanserar Stock-Butt Stabilizer Unit för Scorpion Evo 3-serien

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong är på gång att lansera Stock-Butt Stabilizer Unit för ASG Scorpion Evo 3-serien för att göra axelstödet mer stabilt.

Kommer lanseras inom kort. I tillverkarens egen webshop går det att förhandsboka till priset $9.99 (USD) men kommer efter lansering också finnas hos deras återförsäljare.

Scorpion Evo 3 A1 – Stock-Butt Stabilizer Unit

We all love the performance from the Scorpion Evo with the pristine performance along with its unique tactical style.

From user demand, we developed a stabilizer unit in order to lock-down the stock-butt eliminating any shaking or rattling while players run or take aim.

As a result, the noise from the constant rattling is eliminated, while aiming is improved from the stabilized stock against your shoulder

Fully stabilizes the buttstock
Made from durable flexible stainless steel
Simple to install
An essential upgrade for your Scorpion Evo A1!

Airtech Studios är sedan tidigare kända som tillverkaren som gör delar som förbättrar airsoftvapen från andra tillverkare, exempelvis BEU (Battery Extension Unit) för Ares AM-serie (bland annat AM-013, AM-014 och AM-015) samt G&G ARP-serien.

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CowCow Technology har lanserat TM M&P9L Ultra-Lightweight Blowback Housing

Tillverkaren CowCow Technology i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de har lanserat Ultra-Lightweight Blowback Housing för pistolen M&P9L från Tokyo Marui.

New product by COWCOW Technology – TM M&P9L Ultra-Lightweight Blowback Housing
Ultra-Light Blowback Housing is precision CNC machined from aluminum for enhancing durability and quality. Weighing
in at just 17 grams, this blowback housing will improve the cycling action as well as gas transmission and provides
smooth and fast blowback action, with better gas efficiency while using this blowback housing. The silver plate is
designed for protecting the piston to avoid malfunction. It is compatible with Tokyo Marui M&P9L.

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APS har släppt video med deras nya CAM MK3-hagelgevärsserie

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong tipsar om deras video som visar testskjutning av ett CAM MK3-hagelgevär.

CAM MK3-serien lanserades nyligen (se nyhet) och är tredje generationen.

APS CAM MK3 Shotgun

APS CAM MK3 Shotgun. It shows you the Real Power!#APS #CamMK3 #Airsoft #Shotgun #Co2Power #1Shot11Rounds #BBs #Powerful

Publicerat av APS Måndag 15 oktober 2018


Gear Locker på besök i Taiwan och Hong Kong

Den franska airsoftprofilen Gear Locker har i samarbete med Cybergun gjort en videoserie där de besökt några intressanta airsoftställen i Taiwan och Hong Kong.

Även om denna videoserie är sponsrad av Cybergun (de äger också butiken Destockage Games sedan förra året) och mest besöker Cybergun-relaterade platser så är det ändå ganska intressant att se hur det ser ut hos industrin (besökta tillverkare) och airsoftspelande i de båda länderna.

I videoseriens första avsnitt besöks Cyberguns huvudkontor i Frankrike och därefter bär det iväg till Taiwan för bland annat fabriksbesök hos WE Tech och KWC i efterföljande avsnitt. I sista avsnittet besöks Hong Kong och Cyberguns kontor där.

Tyvärr är inte alla avsnitt textade till engelska (än).

(Direktlänk till videolistan om inbäddningen inte fungerar)

APS lanserar CAM MK3

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong som bland annat är kända för sina hagelgevär är på gång att lansera CAM MK3-serien. Lanseringen är planerad till oktober.

En del kommer säkert ihåg att deras CAM870 MKI blev försäljningsstoppad för att illvilliga personer kunde byta ut interna delar till riktiga Remington 870 vilket kunde medföra risker.

Därefter lanserade de CAM870 MKII med nytt laddningssystem (se nyhet).

Men på grund av hög efterfrågan av MKI lanserar de därför MKIII som är en omarbetad och förbättrad version av MKI-serien. Skillnaderna ska bland annat vara att nya är mer kraftfull och riktiga delar kan inte längre användas. Patroner/hylsor (shell) från föregående generationer är kompatibla.

I CAM MKIII-serien ingår modellerna MK3-AOW, MK3-M, MK3-MR, MK3-P, MK3-SAI-BKMC, MK3-SAI-E, MK3-SAI-MC, MK3-SF och MK3-T. Det ska vara samma varianter som fanns i MKI-serien.

Mer information i texten nedan.

CAM MK3 System
APS Shotgun CAM870 has long been famous in its high degree of realism. Since 2014, APS has sold over 5000pcs of CAM870 shotgun to the market. The first
generation of CAM870 (MKI) power coming from co2 stored in the shot shell. It has no limitation in firing, it depends on how many shells you bought to the field.
The main firing mechanism is coming from the shells. Customer loves the design and idea very much.

However, CAM870 MKI was so real, some baddies interchange its parts with real steal Remington 870, which caused potential threat. That’s why we changed the
design and made the CAM870 MKII system where gas is charged to the bolt.
After we launched the MKII system, there is still a high demand of old CAM MKI system, customer loves the old design because of its power, less mal-function, no limitation of firing rounds, which is excellent for competition, practical shooting and games.

Because of the high demand, APS is now re-launching the MKI system, we call it CAM MK3. MK3 is an improved version of CAM870 MKI, it is still using push pin system, but internal is modified to make sure no real gun parts or shot shells could be used. The body receiver and its cradle are re-designed, so that baddies can’t interchange them with real shotgun parts.

With the help of extended push pin, CAM MK3 could give you 360 ~ 380 FPS, it is more powerful than the old MKI system. CAM MK3 shotgun are 100% compatible with MKI shells and Smart Shot shells. Smart shot shells allow user to fill gas directly through the valve. With the use of either 88g cylinder adapter or paintball cylinder adapter, the filling is 3 times faster than the old MKI system.

CAM MK3 is coming in October 2018 covering all APS existing CAM870 variants.

Tillverkaren APS har presenterat XTP (Xtreme Training Pistol)

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har presenterat pistolserien XTP (Xtreme Training Pistol).

I och med denna pistolserie hoppas tillverkaren att alla som har en negativ syn på produkter från APS nu ska ändra sig.

APS XTP System – A new system that will change your mind about APS.

APS has long been famous in its Co2 pistol honored by its excellent accuracy, stable velocity and high efficiency on gas consumption. ACP first GBB Pistol was launched in 2012. We focused on developing gas operated pistol and now we are one of a major brand in airsoft industry. Currently we have produced over five hundred thousands of guns and selling them to worldwide covering 20 countries.

For the past 6 years, we focused on making a practical pistol, from the choice of materials to a high standard of service attitude to give a good impression on consumers. Different from other brands, especially on craftsmanship, we used high-quality imported materials from overseas. For instant, the pistol grip was made of military grade Polymer; slide was made of lead free material, the parts that are likely to wore out are made of steel or metal alloy. We always want our customers to play the gun without hassle as long as they operate and maintenance the products correctly.

Today, APS make a new system named XTP (Xtreme Training Pistol). APS GBB Pistols have been overwhelmingly popular with airsofters all over the world. Through feedback from the end user, APS found that some users preferred to use Green Gas as opposed to CO2 and others couldn’t use their favorite ACP at their favorite CQB or indoor fields. APS took all of this user feedback and used it to develop XTP system with both CO2 and Green Gas shoot at an FPS that is legal in most popular CQB/Indoor/MOUT fields. Moreover, APS further improved this system to be as efficient as possible resulting in not only field legal FPS but an unrivaled gas efficiency without hindering the performance and accuracy. New nozzle is being used in XTP system, base on APS testing, by using adapting XTP system, the gun gives you 350 FPS in using Co2 and 320 FPS in using Green Gas, the improved nozzle could keep your gun long-lasting than ever too.

Last but not least, APS is a manufacturer, parts and support are always available. (Sights, Internal mechanism, Slides, Mags…etc). So you don’t have to worry about the parts and support for this gun because APS could simply provides those on their online shop.

In conclude, XTP, as a new system that might change your attitude towards APS, it is going very much in the right direction. XTP is practical in use and provides you fun in shooting, which is always a goal of APS.

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CowCow har lanserat TM Hi-Capa Hammer Power Regulator

Den relativt nya tillverkaren COWCOW Technology i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de har lanserat ”hammer regulator” ämnade för Hi-Capa respektive 1911-modeller från Tokyo Marui.

New product by COWCOW Technology – TM Hi-Capa Hammer Power Regulator
Hammer Power regulator is tailored for those competition shooters who are looking for preciseness hammer / trigger pull feeling or wargame players who are looking for wide-range adoption in different temperature environment. It is made by stainless steel material with CNC machined and high strength spring steel. Every package provides 2 hammer springs (Soft and Hard) and 8 spacers which allow shooters/players to fine tune its setting in anytime anywhere. Thus, there are 18 different combinations which is able to let shooters/players customise your setting to be perfect. It is suitable for use with Tokyo Marui 1911, and Hi-Capa pistols.

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APS lanserar (EMG) F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong är på gång att lansera serien F1 BDR-15 3G. Till utseendet har serien en skeletonized vapenkropp, liknande förlagan.

Produkterna är tillverkade av APS i Hong Kong, men det är EMG (Evike) som äger licensrättigheterna för F1 Firearms som airsoftvapen.

Längre ner information och bilder på varje modell.

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Dytac kommer lansera handskydd och ljuddämpare för Kriss Vector

Tillverkaren Dytac i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de kommer lansera handskydd och ljuddämpare för Kriss Vector.

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