Modify visade mycket nytt på MOA 2018

På mässan MOA 2018 i Taiwan visade tillverkaren Modify upp flera nylanserade produkter (varav några som ännu inte hunnit nå Europa).

Vid det här laget vet alla (eller åtminstone de flesta) att det är Modify som är OEM-tillverkaren av Novritsch SSG24 och därför bara säljer sitt egna snipergevär MOD24X i Taiwan och Japan.
Men nu har de utökat sin MOD24-familj med snipergeväret MOD24 SF och det ska innehålla samma interna delar som MOD24X och de tänker sälja denna modell till hela världen.

Den kanske färskaste lanseringen är deras serie med biologiskt nerbrytbara kulor som går under namnet BIO Precision Shooter BBs.
Dessa finns i vikterna 0,30g, 0,36g, 0,40g, 0,45g samt 0,48g och toleransen är 5.95 +- 0,001 mm.
Varje burk innehåller 680 st kulor.

Men även bland annat deras skyddsglasögon och ljuddämpare är relativt nya.

Vårt besök i Taiwan avslutades med ett besök i Modifys fabrik och enligt information vi fick där (men också produkter de visat på tidigare IWA-mässor) så kommer de lansera många spännande produkter framöver. Även bilder från deras fabrik kommer inom kort.

(Direktlänk till videon)

Modify har lanserat skyddsglasögon

Tillverkaren Modify i Taiwan har nyligen lanserat skyddsglasögon [TG-02-01] som bland annat är imfria och har flera certifieringar.

Our Tactical Shooting Glasses are the only ones in Taiwan meeting ASTM F2879-18 standards, as well as being certified in October by CE EN166 and ANSI Z87.1+, all of which are laser marked on the lenses and frames to show authenticity.

These glasses are globally recognized to be “BB-proof” or extremely impact resistant, able to withstand BBs at 530fps. They are also double-side anti-fog coated to greatly extend such capability.

They are also very comfortable with adjustable nose pads, as well as rubber temples that are slip-resistant, a useful feature during highly mobile activities such as airsoft battles.

At US$36 a pair, they’re indispensable and a great value.

Shooting test video on youtube:

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Modify på IWA 2018

[IWA 2018] Tillverkaren Modify från Taiwan visade bland annat upp XTC-PDW (AEG), MOD930 (gasdrivet hagelgevär) och uppgraderingsdelar till deras sniper-serie MOD24.

Det eldrivna airsoftvapenet XTC-PDW (bilden ovan) som ingår i tillverkarens XTC-serie förväntas lanseras i maj.

Deras gasdrivna hagelgevär MOD930 förväntas lanseras i augusti.

Deras snipergevär MOD24X säljer de inte till butiker i Europa av en ganska uppenbar anledning.

Modify: ”What causes AEGs low FPS issue?”

XTC hop up spring-1

Tillverkaren Modify i Taiwan har skickat in information gällande fjädern vid hopup-huset och hur de löst det hos deras airsoftvapen XTC-G1.

You might like to know we used a tapered hop up spring for XTC-G1. We thought that a tapered hop up spring, though small, accomplishes big as it is better for line up and air seal. So I wrote this article, What causes AEGs low FPS issue? Attached are the article and the pictures.

Artikeln i sin helhet:

What causes AEGs low FPS issue?

There are lots of variables causing AEGs low FPS issue. The air seal is a key point. The hop up spring, though small, accomplishes big as it can pushes the hop up chamber back into the air nozzle to reach a good air seal. When the hop up spring is not strong enough or too short, or you lost it when you rebuild your AEGs, the hop up unit would moves back and forth, so it doesn’t always line up with the magazine, with the hop up moving it may cause loss of air seal, causing lower muzzle velocity.

The Modify XTC‐G1 is used with a tapered spring for the hop up, which puts tension against the hop up and air nozzle to eliminate any play/ wobble that may affect accuracy. It allows the hop up unit together with the inner barrel always line up with the magazine and gearbox, and further reach a good air seal. But be aware of its installing direction. If we install the spring the wrong way, the hop up unit would moves back and forth a little bit, so it couldn’t reach its purpose

PDF: Tapered Spring of Hop Up Chamber

IWA 2016: Modify XTC-G1 lanserad och snart kommer CQB

Modify XTC CQB IWA 2016

Tillverkaren Modify i Taiwan lanserade nyligen sitt airsoftgevär XTC-G1 (AEG) och snart kommer den kortare versionen som heter XTC CQB. XTC CQB förväntas lanseras i maj.

Bland annat har airsoftvapen från XTC-serien ambidextriös eldväljare som bara behöver vridas 45-grader (mellan semi och fullauto) och justerbar utgångshastighet via en lång insexnyckel.

Modify visade upp XTC-G1 på mässa i Japan

Tillverkaren Modify i Taiwan deltog nyligen på airsoftmässan Black Hole Show  i Japan och visade upp det kommande airsoftvapnet XTC-G1 och lät även besökare testskjuta.

Tyvärr är videons bildkvalitet inte den bästa och här följer information som Modify har skickat in;

We attended the Black Hole Show in Japan from Jan. 9 through Jan. 11, and displayed our new XTC-G1 AEGs there. The airsoft players were welcome to try the speed shooting competition with Modify XTC-G1. Here is the Youtube link:


XTC-G1 från Modify närmar sig lansering


Tillverkaren i Modify i Taiwan kommer inom kort att lansera sitt airsoftvapen XTC-G1 och har därför skickat in en del förhandsinformation, men tackar även för det snart gångna året.

Dear Friends,

Merry Christmas! It has been a very substantial 2015 to say the least. We appreciate you for your all support of Modify-Tech in 2015.

Some of you might like to know that we are going to release AEG-XTC-G1. I would like to let you know the masterpieces more details.
Here is the details of AEG…XTC-G1.
1. Getting more popular firearms application: standard 1913 Picatinny rail, T6065 high grade Aluminum Key-Mod handguard rail, CNC machined 14.5” outer barrel. Beside of these popular application, we also design “3-Point Fixed Ring and Double Nuts”. The fixed ring and double nut to fix the outer barrel. Even you drop it incidentally, it will be stable.

2. The next is billet style upper and lower receiver. It is equipped with steel straight trigger and 45° Ambi-Safety Selector. We also redesigned internal of grip and for better holding.

3. The most important of AEG is the internals of gearbox. We use CNC machined Steel Gear Set and 8mm Ceramic ball bearing in the spur gear specially. As for other upgrade parts, it is equipped with 7 Metal Teeth High Speed/ Torque Ultra Piston and Aircraft Aluminum piston head, cylinder, cylinder head.

4. The accurate hop up system combine with 6.1mm extreme straight inner barrel.

5. The last part…6 positions Adjustable Crane Stock. It equipped with Slide-Conductive Rail System. It has no more problems on wire-jammed. Triple-place for battery setting. You have more selection for batteries. If you have restriction of FPS in the battlefield today, you can adjust the FPS or change spring quickly by long hexagonal key. You do not disassembly the receiver, even the gearbox.
Our R&D departments have done countless times to test XTC-G1. I would like to let you know that the XTC-G1 has passed 6,000rds persistent testing, and it totally passed 20,000rds testing, all the parts are still in good condition. Please forward to our testing video!

Thank you very much. Wish you have a wonderful holidays and Happy New Year!

150rds Bhive Tracer-magasin från Modify


Tillverkaren Modify i Taiwan har skickat in information om deras kommande tracer-magasin i produktserien XTC.

A little story of beehive magazine plate: we found that the wild bee nested around the office many times during the development phase. Even though we called the fireman to take off, the wild bee still came back to nest. We had a sudden whim to make some products to “Bhive”. That is why we have this design.

We are going to release the 150rds Bhive tracer magazine. If you are early adopter, maybe you can try 150 Bhive tracer mag. The Bhive 150rds mid-caps continue with some of features of XTC magazines.
l The rib allows you can DIY a little bit to fit the magazine funnel perfectly.

l Bhive magazine plate for smoother, faster magazine reloading and handling.

Here is the tracer test:

Modify XTC-G1-eldväljare

Tillverkaren Modify i Taiwan har skickat in information om deras kommande produkt XTC-G1 och den tvåsidiga eldväljaren som bara går att vrida 45 grader.

Yes, we have the new video this week. You might like to that XTC-G1 is loaded 45-degree ambi safety selector. But do you how smooth operation of it? Let’s check it out.
Here is the link:

12) Ambi-fire Contrals(雙邊快速選擇鈕)-R

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Beehive Magazine Plate från Modify


Tillverkaren Modify i Taiwan har skickat in information om deras senaste produkt ”Beehive Magazine Plate” som är ett handtag (motsvarande magpul) som passar deras nya M4-magasin (se tidigare nyhet). Oklart om produkten kommer heta ”Beehive Magazine Plate” eller inte men delen som ska fästas på magasinet har ett bikupemönster precis som en del andra produkter i Modifys XTC-serie.

If you are bored with old fashion magazine plate, how about this? A new Beehive Magazine Plate for speed reloading has begun. Like a hard-working bee, work hard, play hard.
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