Madbull Troy Battle Ax stock

Madbull Troy Battle Ax stockThe manufacturer Madbull have released the stocks Battle Ax stock with license from Troy Industries. The stock is meant for M4 weapons and are available in the colors Black [TROYBAS-BK], FDE (Flat Dark Earth) [TROYBAS-FDE] and TAN [TROYBAS-TAN]. We have tested the black one.

Läs recensionen av Madbull Troy Battle Ax stock på Svenska (the original review) Läs recensionen av Madbull Troy Battle Ax stock på Svenska (the original review)

Contents of the package

Madbull Troy Battle Ax stock comes together with an extension adapter.

The Battle Ax stock comes together with an extension cable (with Tamiya connectors) in a box with a manual on the top of the box.

Appearance and functions

Madbull Troy Battle Ax stock.

The stock have a little different look than traditional M4 stocks and looks like an axe, maybe that is the reason it have the name Battle Ax. The product consists most of plastic but have some parts in metal to stabilize and reinforcement.

The adjustment lever.

To adjust where on the buffer tube you will have the stock on you push on the adjustment lever (the same on traditionally M4 stocks).

Holes for QD swivel sling sockets. Gun sling attachments on the top. Hole down to the buffer tube.

There are several possibles to attach a gun sling on the stock. The stock have QD swivel sling sockets on the left and right sides and also in the bottom (it’s not included so we have not test that yet). On the upside there is a small round hole for a gun sling hook and an oblong hole  for attaching a gun sling. There is also a hole on the top down to the buffer tube because some buffer tubes have numbers to see which step the stock is attached on.

The backside with a Troy CBIR logo.

On the back there is a Troy CBIR logo because this is a product Madbull have license for from Troy Industries. You also find the button for open the backside door (to reach the battery places). To unlock and fell down the door you have to push the button down. The button is a little hard to push down so for example a screwdriver or some other hard thing to push with can be helpful to push down the button, but not neccessary.



Space for stick or peq battery.

The stock have two places for batteries and the manufacturer recommend some LiPo models. The first space is to have the battery in the buffer tube (stick type battery) and the second space is below (PEQ battery). If you have a battery in the lower space you have to use the extension cable and have it in the cut out area below the buffer tube to avoid that the cable become damaged when closing the door.

If you not have a battery in the lower battery space it will works good as a storage area.

Compatible batteries recommended from Madbull:

  • Socom Gear #5 11.1v Lipo
  • Madbull Ultimate Lipo #4/#5
  • King Arms 11.1v AN/PEQ-15
  • Echo1 7.4 XCR PEQ style batter

or similar battery types.

Field test

Madbull Troy Battle Ax stock on a PTW.

We experienced that the stock is easy to install, remove and use. We have tested the stock on several M4 models from different manufacturers with various results. The first defect we found was that the lock on the stock does not hooks into the holes on the buttom of the buffer tube good and therefore releases when the stock became exposed for pressure. The second we experienced was that some buffer tubes have almost too large diameter so it become too tight. So it’s neccessary to choose buffer tube with care.

Space for storage.

If you have the battery in the front of the gun (for example in the handguard) the lower space will be good to store smaller items inside.

Note: We have not tested the recommend LiPo models that are compatible with this stock, therefor we assume from the information from the manufacturer about the batteries. We have also not tested to attach QD swivel sling but we suppose that it works good.

Information video from Madbull.


Troy Battle Ax från Madbull is a good stock and also give your M4 gun a different style than common. The design results that only some kind of batteries fit if you choose to have the batteries in the stock. If you choose this stock you have to choose buffer tube carefully so everything will work optimal.

The sales price is about 100 USD from retailers.

This review is originally written in Swedish by Daniel (Coordinator Product testing) and Johan (Product tester). The manufacturer Madbull has provided us with the product.