M.A.S.S. MK1 – Mancraft Air Stock Support MK1


Tillverkaren Mancraft i Polen med inriktning på HPA-produkter har skickat in information om att de håller på att utveckla axelstödet M.A.S.S. MK1 (Mancraft Air Stock Support MK1).

So there it is: M.A.S.S. MK1 – Mancraft Air Stock Support MK1 :D.

It can accommodate 13ci (0,21l) HP tank and regulator (Mancraft regulators fits, Wolverine reg will fit as well, Redline, nijna – the same thing – they all should fit and not be visible too much. At the back you have hole to put small manometer.

It will be anodized black, hard anodization.

Stock itself working also like Tournament lock.

So, what’s the price? Something around 150-160usd. It will be comming with connectors for HP tank and an regulator.

That’s the last prototype on photos. There will be few small changes and in monday it’s going for production.
So, what’s your thoughts? 😉

Yep, we’re also prototyping some 3D pads for it.

Itself it weights around 400g (0,4kg / 0,9lb)