Airlab heter ett brittiskt litet airsoftföretag som bland annat tillverkar och säljer egna komponenter och uppgraderingsdelar till airsoftvapen, här är deras beskrivning om sig själva;


Airlab is a brand new airsoft technology provider in the UK. We sell specialised airsoft upgrade products, designed and made by us and certain trusted third parties. For now our range is small, but we are working on some unique products which will be released soon.

We are currently taking pre-orders on TerminusX products, a manufacturer of some of the most advanced parts available in airsoft.

We also have the Workshop, a section of the site dedicated to providing airsoft technicians with in-depth guides on AEG tuning techniques. We’ll be adding more articles over the next few weeks, gradually building up a comprehensive resource for airsofters.

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