APS Color Works


Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in en nyhet med information om deras nya produktserie ”APS Color Works” som är kompatibel med airsoftvapen från APS och airsoftvapen med Tokyo Marui-standard.

Getting bored with your plain color gun? In the Q1 2016, APS bought to you new colored accessories which give your gun a new lease on life.

Personalizing your gun, changing the finish and color of the parts is an exciting way to make your gun reflect something about you. Making a cool looking and eyesight attracting gun is no longer a dream. Now APS provides 3 colors (Red / Gold / Silver) on trigger, release button, mount, charging handle and even adapter allow users to replace the original one.

With the multiple colors, you can add some personality to your favorite weapon. The color combinations are endless compare to your standard gun and can be easily removed if you get bored again.