SSMG Operations 2020

Arrangören SSMG (Special Swedish Milsim Group) har skickat in information om sina milsim-spel 2020.

  • Operation Yeti 2020 5-8 mars

  • Tango 2020 – Operators Pro II 20-24 maj

  • Eagle v2.0 2020 Marine Commandos 24-27 september

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Military Airsoft Courses July from SSMG

Arrangören SSMG (Special Swedish Milsim Group) har skickat in information om sina kurser i juli.

Summer Miliitary course week in July. Three courses in one week. Course opportunity weeks whole July.

Want to learn more about operating at the toughest levels such as Mil.Sim advanced and Mil.Ex. (Military Experience)?
●●●Introduction course for Mil.Sim. – Beginners, Level 1-3●●●
●●●Introduction course for Mil.Sim. – Advanced, Level 3-4●●●
●●●Introduction course for Mil.Ex. – Level 5, grade 1 & 2●●●

□□□This is a hosted opportunity for those that want to level up their operational skills and start Operating more professionally. Also suitable for professional operators that want a private isolated opportunity to finetune their skills without the disturbance of official gaming. Here we focus only on you and your training.

Read more about the courses here:
Register directly here:
●●● ●●●

¤¤¤Price for course week is €695pp¤¤¤
Drop us a PM, email or chat with us live on our website if you or your team are interested.

SSMG: Rule and realism update.

Spelarrangören SSMG (Special Swedish Milsim Group) har skickat in en påminnelse till alla SSMG Mil.Ex-deltagare.

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SSMG: Berget to Sasquatch

Spelarrangören SSMG (Särskilda Svenska MilSim Gruppen) har skickat in information om att de har flyttat fram sitt evenemang Operation Sasquatch så att deltagare till Berget 16 även ska hinna med detta med god marginal. Detta pågår mellan 2-6 juli.

Operation Sasquatch has moved to new dates. It starts 1 day after Berget 16. Distance between the areas is 275km/3h24min by car to our area. Giving you the opportunity to nail both events. We will start slow the first day with some rappelling on monday and visit to the canyon and the waterfall.

SSMG Tour 2018

Spelarrangören SSMG har skickat in information om deras SSMG Tour 2018 som innebär flera storspel runt om i Sverige.

SSMG Area event tour 2018

Yeti in Ryningsnäs ●1st March 《58hrs》Thurs-Sun.
Tango on Fårö/Gotland ●10th May 《58hrs》Thurs-Sun.
Sasquatch in Gäddede ● 2nd July《95hrs》Mon.-Fri.
Eagle in Jönköping ●28th Sept.《34hrs》Fri.-Sun.

Schedule also at:

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Spelarrangören SSMG har startat podradio

Spelarrangören SSMG (Special Swedish MilSim Group) har skickat in information om att de har startat en podradio-kanal. has started a podcast about SSMG MilSim, SSMG Mil.Ex., airsoft, extreme airsoft, survival, educational, tips and tricks, mindset, gear etc.

Listen to our first airsoft podcast:

Follow us on facebook.

Are you an expert within a field or just has lots of knowladge within something and wouldn’t mind being phone interviewed for the podcast? Please contact SSMG by email at: podcast @ (our url)

Airsoft Mil.Ex. with SSMG – Operation Yeti

Storspelsarrangören SSMG har skickat in sitt senaste nyhetsbrev;

Take a leap and Go Pro with SSMG Airsoft.
“We would never want you to settle for less.”

You are hereby invited to our first ever
SSMG Mil.Ex. event within Airsoft.



“Never forget that you are paying SSMG just like you would
pay a personal trainer.
Our job is to take you further than you tought you could go.”

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News: OP. Tango Trident – New Game Area

Storspelsarrangören SSMG har skickat in sitt senaste nyhetsbrev som innehåller viktig information gällande byte av spelområde för årets Op. Tango Trident, 14-17 maj;


Dear SSMG Friend,

SSMG reorganization is now done.

This years Op. Tango Trident has moved its location to an entirely new game area. We know that you signed up for Tango in Laxå. Since we can not offer you Tango in Laxå this year, but only in Ryningsnäs, therefore SSMG is now giving you the option to cancel the event with refund for those who have made their payment.
We are truly sorry for not being able to offer you Laxå this year. All though we´re sure that Ryningsnäs will offer you new challenges with new terrain that never has been used for airsoft purpose and new exciting missions in an environment with deep remote forests.

Due to the circumstances SSMG will not alter the pricing for this event. We will bear the overshooting costs for the changes in plan and offer everyone a fixed price at 500 SEK.

Please take this experience with you, that nothing lasts forever and from our part we encourage you to experience wonderful game areas in the future for your own memorable benefits.

For all you Laxå veterans out there; SSMG will manufacture a Laxå memory pin for the service years 2008-2014. In memory of. We will sell this pin on the SSMG site for only the manufacturing cost in the future. Please share your Laxå memories with others to keep them alive.

Here are your options:

If you want to cancel Tango in Ryningsnäs:
Notify us (EVEN IF YOU HAVEN´T PAYED) with your name and used email address when you signed up so that we can delete you from the list.
If you have paid the game fee already, send us your PayPal  or Bank account for refund.

If you are coming to Ryningsnäs 14-17 May:
Sign up, make the payment and pack your stuff asap.

Läs fortsättningen » 2015 – Did you know this?

Milsim-spelarrangören SSMG har skickat in sitt nyhetsbrev med information om deras evenemang under 2015, Tango Trident, Eagle 1.0 och End Party. Nyhetsbrevet är i form av en avlång bild så att klicka på bilden för att läsa hela i större storlek.

Info from SSMG Airsoft – April 2014

Spelarrangören SSMG har skickat in en nyhet om att de ska delta på airsoftmässan Airsoft Expo Göteborg 2014 kommande helg;


News from SSMG April 2014

SSMG at Airsoft Expo 26-27 April in Gothenburg, Sweden
SSMG will be stationed at the main entrance to the whole Expo.

You will be able to:
– View our weapon simulating systems; the sniper and the anti tank systems.

– View our vehicle, the Navy Seal RIB and our New Zodiac MK6 HD

– Try rappelling just like any Special purpose unit at our stand.
50,00 SEK for once, 100,00 SEK for three rappellings.

– Talk to us about our milsim events, Tango and Eagle, signing up, how it is, what to expect,
game areas, equipment, survival, our level five – the hardest fractions etc.

– Be the first one to hear about Operation Eagle at our new area in Karlsborg directly from the crew.
An area brand new to all Swedish airsofters.

– Meet Chris, one of our Tango veterans and our leading movie star in the making of our video scenarios.

– Book private events with our RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) on the Swedish west coast.
We arrange special boat experiencing events of all categories. Even RIB tours with airsoft events included.
SSMG with can hand you the ultimate military Navy Seal experience day for your bachelor/bachelorette party
or just experiencing a very different life style regardless your occasion. Läs fortsättningen »