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Special Swedish MilSim Group 2011.07.20

Dear Airsoft Player,

SSMG invites you to join your friends at Operation Tango Evolution in August.
Grab your gear and join the front line. Support your troops in your fraction by assisting them in battle, because they will need it.

The dates for the game: 26-28
Check in is between: 261800 – 262100
Game start: 262200
Ending: 281100 (don’t forget that we always have a debriefing/live forum after the game)

Level five players start 261700

Weather: Optimal conditions – three days of rain, unlimited amount of mosquitos and high water levels.

Sign up before 1st of August and save 100 SEK.



UN inserted in the area to maintain stability between the conflict nations. The conflict can no longer be hidden from the rest of the world. International pressure resulted in immediate action by assigning peacekeeping troops to maintain stability in the area. Even countries that are involved in battles are now forced to act upon the situation. This fraction is the beginning of a new era in the battle of Tango.


* Uniforms: Any (pants and jacket have to be same camo)
* Head ware: UN Blue helmet, blue baseball cap or blue 
boonie hat. (nothing else)
* Weapons: Any
* Difficulty level: one-two (suitable for any airsoft player, beginners or those that are new to MilSim)

Protect civilians and UN area, escort, control checkpoints, negotiations and other peacekeeping related missions.

This fraction is simplified and always assigned to a smaller area/peacekeeping zones.

250 SEK

Scenario, game details and updates will soon be available on our webpage.

Do you have questions?
See our FAQ, Click the Live Chat button or write to us.
Register on website here:
See you in the war zone.
All the best,
– SSMG –