Arrangören av Bellum MMXIX har gjort ett officiellt uttalande

Med anledning av händelsen vid storspelet Bellum MMXIX har spelarrangören Marqsmen AB nu publicerat ett officiellt uttalande.

My name is Marcus Larsson and I’m the CEO and sole owner of Marqsmen AB, the company behind the airsoft event BELLUM 2019.

During the event there was an incident in the base camp involving a participant and a volunteer crew member that helped out during the event. The person in question threw an assumed unloaded Thunder co2 unit, but it turned out that the unit was loaded with a co2 cartridge and went off resulting in that a player got bruised and is experiencing some loss of hearing.

I have personally met with the player and am continuing to have an open dialog with him and wish the player a fast recovery!

The incident should not have happened in the first place since it’s never ok to play with loaded or unloaded units in a base camp. As a result of this incident a much stronger safety protocol will be implemented for any future airsoft events held by Marqsmen AB.