FALKOR Defense- Recce (Shadow) från APS

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong fortsätter att lansera airsoftvapen till Falkor Defense Recce-serien som de tillverkar och senast ut är Shadow.

Det är EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) som äger licensrättigheterna till Falkor Defense-produkter som airsoftvapen.

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Video med nya Shark.B från APS

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in en video som visar deras nya SHARK-pistol. SHARK är egentligen en produktserie och där bokstaven efter Shark. avser färg så B betyder svart (black). Sedan kommer det även lanseras fler färger.

Sedan tidigare finns en utförligare nyhet om pistolen här.

APS lanserar pistolen Shark

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong kommer lansera pistolen SHARK och den är ett resultat från insamlad feedback från deras befintliga pistolmodeller.

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APS Phantom Extremis Rifles MK-V

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de har utökat Phantom Extremis-produktserien med PER MK-V.

Another cool rifle of Phantom Extremis family – PER MK-V
Today, APS has made another combat rifle that goes into Phantom Extremis family – The PER MK-V. This rifle inherits all the advanced features came from its family. For instant, quick change spring system, M-Lok hand guard, Advanced pistol grip, Full ambidextrous fire selector, magazine release and charging handle…..etc. Nevertheless, APS did not complacent but adding more cool features in this new gun to satisfy the customer needs.

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FALKOR Defense Blitz och Recce från APS

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att automatkarbinerna Recce och Blitz från FALKOR Defense kommer lanseras som airsoftvapen inom kort. Det är EMG (Evike Manufacting Group) i USA som innehar FALKOR-licensen och APS som tillverkar airsoftversionerna.

Dessa vapen ingår i EMG Training weapon-serien.

FALKOR Defense is a world famous firearms manufacturer located in Kalispell Montana. Its company foundation is based on innovation and developing technologies that can be used for military and civilian applications. FALKOR Defense, named brand of the year Shotshow 2017, recruited world class engineer and designer in making their products. With the use CNC, Anodizing and Assembly, its products are all quality ensured, intovated and value-added.

EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) is a company with a mission to create ultimate training weapons for law enforcement, military and war-game simulations. EMG products has proved itself from the start to be the most advanced equipment from the simulation ground to the law enforcement training, living up to highest expecations. In 2017, EMG granted the license from FALKOR Defense to make and distribute rifle model Blitz and Recce in AEG under EMG Training weapon series.

APS Ltd is a company with years of experience in making Airsoft and Law Enforcement training products. Today, APS is proud to work with above two companies to assist in distribute and manufacturing Airsoft Model Blitz and Recce to worldwide customer.

Model Recce
Reference to FALKOR Defense, it is a SEAL recon rifle that was developed to provide SEAL snipers with a portable, lightweight and accurate weapon. FALKOR has adopted the heavier barrel concept and improved on the original concept by marrying it to transition rail, enhanced bridged action and sporterized chassis. In the AEG version, Model Recce is installed with APS No.2 Silver Edge Gear Box which is one of the highest quality Airsoft gear box found in the market. With all the mirrored ambidextrous catches used in this rifle, model Reece is one of the most tactical, sports alike guns in Airsoft industry.

Model Blitz
Reference to FALKOR Defense, this gun represents the latest technical advancements in today’s modern sporting rifle. The upper and lower receiver sets are precision machined to optimize operation addressing carrier-tilt and walk. Similar to model Recce, it has all the mirrored ambidextrous controls, together with the blue blast cap tunable muzzle, Blitz represents a breakthrough in AR design. Each component is carefully designed by FALKOR engineer. In AEG version, it installed with APS No.2 Silver Edge Gear Box, making model Blitz become one of the most reliable SBR rifle in Airsoft industry.

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Black Hornet +P från APS

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har lanserat Black Hornet +P som består av pistolen Black Hornet, ett konverteringskit, ett långt magasin (som rymmer 70 kulor och en CO2-patron) samt en 71 mm lång ljuddämpare.

Pistolen Black Hornet (som egen produkt) lanserades i början av året och erbjuder skjutlägena semi och helautomat. Detta konverteringskit gör pistolen till en kulsprutepistol (sub-machine gun).

På Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny-railen på konverteringskitets ovansida följer det med ett främre och bakre sikte som använder APS fiberoptiska sikten (APS Rhino Fiber Optics). På undersidan finns det bland annat ett utfällbart främre grepp och bakpå ett justerbart axelstöd.

Black Hornet +P

Doubtless to say, a pistol caliber weapon is easy to control and less likely to over penetrate the target. Therefore, a submachine gun (SMG) which is a magazine-fed, automatic carbine designed to fire pistol bullets or a pistol to carbine conversion kit is widely used by military special force, police SWAT teams in CQB scenarios.
However, in civilian market, converting a pistol to a short barreled rifle or shoulder rifle is classified as “illegal” in many places. So it is very hard for an ordinary person to own a pistol conversion kit, but not limited to Airsoft Sports.
Today, APS has made a conversion kit that fits APS Black Hornet Semi/Auto Airsoft pistol, so turning a pistol to a SMG is no longer a dream.
What’s special in this Black Hornet Plus Airsoft Conversion kit?

Valued Package – Fiber Optics Sights included
In this kit, A pair of APS Rhino Fiber Optics Front and Rear Sight Set are included. These sights have both rifle and pistol aiming, flip up and left/right adjustable. They are mounted on the kits using Mil-Std 1913 Picatinny Rail.

Valued Package – Free Mock Silencer included
This kit comes with a free 71mm mock silencer that could be installed on the pistols as an option. With the use of short mock silencer, players can now play as a “Hitman” in an Airsoft games.

Valued Package – One Gun for two kinds of use
Obviously, there is only one gun in the package. But you can use it as a carbine or just use the handgun alone as a pistol. For one pricing, you can have tow kinds of use. It is an ultra value deal.

High Quality Extended Co2 magazine
After years of research and development, APS proudly bought to you our first extended co2 magazine for pistol. This magazine has 48 rds capacity powered by one 12g Co2 capsule allows you to fire 70 rounds in single shot. Same as existing ACP magazine, the patented upside down cartridge insertion design is being used in this mags. This technology stabilized the Co2 pressure inside the mags first before going to the chamber. This is extremely useful in a high cap co2 mags when rapid firing is enforced.
In conclusion, by getting this Black Hornet Plus conversion Kit, you can have both carbine and a pistol at a fraction of what you’d pay. You can play with the same gun both for pistol and carbine. The use of extended mags will be fun in this gun too. Airsoft friends will love this package for sure.

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Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de kommer utöka deras Phantom Extremis Rifle (PER)-serie [AEG] med modellerna PER MK III och PER MK IV.

MK III är svart och MK IV är röd.

With the success of quick change spring system used on APS Phantom Extremis Rifles, user is excited on how easy to change the main spring on these rifles without necessary to take the whole gear box out. APS continues to use this design on our new Airsoft rifles named PER-MKIII

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Mer information om APS CAM-MKII Shotgun

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in mera information om deras CO2-drivna hagelgevär CAM-MKII Shotgun.


After years for research and development, a new design of gas charging system is now available in APS CAM-MKII Shotgun. In this new shotgun, gas is charged directly to the bolt without using firing pin mechanism. With this kind of design, the main firing mechanism is coming from the gas bolt. So the shell has no other functions but a device of storing BB only, which means the cost of the shell is significantly lower than any existing CAM870 shells. Nevertheless, charging gas to the bolt is more easy and handy than the current CAM870 did.

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Video med CAM MKII CO2 (shotgun) från APS

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in information innehållandes en video som visar deras CO2-drivna hagelgevär ”CAM MKII CO2 shotgun”.

APS har lanserat airsoftgranaten Thunder Devil

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de har lanserat airsoftgranaten Thunder Devil.

Granaten drivs av CO2 och laddas med 150 st kulor. Vid detonation ger den ifrån sig en kraftig smäll (~130 dB) när sprängskalet går sönder och kulorna sprids.

Thunder Devil Introduction
Thunder Devil can be attached to tactical vest or jacket. Its color and shape are very similar to a real grenade used by military force. Its handling, operation and function are also similar to the original one. The more realistic of the bomb, the more fun you will have.

Thunder Devil launch 150 BB’s to wide angle at low velocity and create noise level over 130db, it is the noise level of an operating pneumatic drill or a plane flying above your head, be alert when using it. Since thunder Devil does not contain any gun powders, which means you don’t have to worry about the fire harm when it blew up. These insure the safety of the user. However, you still have to beware of its BB’s fragment and deafening BANG which may surprise you.

Skillnaderna mellan Thunder B och Thunder Devil:

Svar från APS:
There are no major differences between Thunder B and Thunder Devil.
Just the Thunder Devil shell has a line on the shells which is the break point. BB will fly out from the break point upon detonation.

Since the main core of Thunder Devil and Thunder B is always the same, so their shells are fully compatible with each other.