G&G GF85 GL AK5 Airsoft Review

G&G Armament GF85 GL (AK5)Many of us have been waiting for an Airsoft gun in series production that looks like the Swedish Armed Force’s Ak 5. The Taiwanese Manufacturer G&G Armament has produced an Airsoft gun that, for the most part, resembles an AK5. Airsoft.nu received the very first production model for reviewing.

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Quick review

A review of the airsoft gun GF85 GL (similar the Swedish AK5) from G&G Armament.

The review is made by the Airsoft.nu and it’s our first review.

The music is created by MorgDJ.


Material: Aluminum/Nylon/Fiber/Steel/Zinc/Plastic/Stainless
Overall Length:
1010 mm
Gearbox bearing: 
8mm ball bearing
25000 rpm Hi-torque Long axis
Inner Barrel Length:
443 mm
450 Rounds
Muzzle Velocity:
~112m/sec with 0.20 g BB
~103m/sec with 0.25 g BB

Battery interface: Tamiya (small)
Battery size:
 8,4V or 9,6V with (small) Tamiya interface (We have tested with 9,6V batteries)

SKU Scope mount base: G-03-114-1

Accessories and spare parts

If you want to use an external sight like red dot sight instead of the iron sight you can buy a Mount Scope base (G-03-114-1). The red dot sight on the mount scope base is just for example.

Several airsoft stores offers spare parts like hand guards and hop up units in stock. Otherwise they can order them directly from the manufacturer.


We have compared the GF85 GL with a real AK5 and there are many differences. The AK5 is based on a FNC but is very modified. The GF85 is more alike a FNC (GF76-series) than the AK5 except the green color and the typical handguard. So from a distance it looks like an AK5 but closer you see clear differences if you have been used a real AK5. Maybe only a problem for the real milsim enthusiast.

During our tests the  recharging handle broke but the manufacturer was very kindly to send us a new one. Because without this you can’t throw the cover back and change the hop up. So you have to be very careful so it’s not broke.

The hinge on the stock hooked up but it’s still working but not optimal when it’s retracted. It become also easy scratches in the green color and the metal but it’s like a real AK5 and the gun looks more cool if it looks well-used.

The included instruction manual was for the similar GF76 (FNC original) but because they are almost similar so is that no real problem. We got a very first of this gun and maybe they will change to GF85 pictures in the future.  The box the gun was shipped in was a little fragile so it had some damages in the exterior and interior, but the gun was not harmed.

Except this the gun feels very robust and stable airsoft weapon. Everything as is metal on the real is that in this. But to keep in mind that this is an airsoft gun, not a real and you can’t be so heavy-handed on an airsoft gun than you can be on a real-one, then will items broke.

The gun is also very nice to shoot with and the muzzle velocity is also very good.

If you want to play as a Swedish soldier and can accept that they are some differences against the real AK5 the GF85 GL is a very good choice!


Updated: Long after the video review was made we got the Scope mount base from G&G Armament to test and show (a picture above), this works very good but it’s not avaible for the real AK5 in this make.

This review is made of Daniel (Coordinator Product testing), Johan (Product tester) and Masen (Product tester). All three are educated in AK5 by the Swedish Armed Forces.
The manufacturer G&G Armament has provided us with this product.