LCT Airsoft LC-3A3-S(BK) [G3/AK4]

The manufacturer LCT Airsoft in Taiwan have very recently launched the product line LC-3 (very similar to G3A3 variants) and that hits close to home for some of us old home guards.

Läs recensionen av LCT LC-3 på Svenska (the original review) Läs recensionen av LCT LC-3 på Svenska (the original review)

From the information we gathered from LCT in Taiwan was that they will launch 6-7 different models, but as of yet they have only launched black [LC-3A3-S(BK) AEG / LC3A3S_BK] and green [LC-3A3-S(GR) AEG / LC3A3S_GR]. But with these to they are launching (or at on the way to launch) a large variety of accessories for example hand guards (in slimline and wide), magazines and spare parts. The weapon in this review is fitted with the slimline version of the hand guard.

The black version is the one closest resembling the Swedish Armed Forces (SAF) AK4 (Automatic Carbine 4). But more on that subject further down.

Before this there were multiple airsoft replicas with a G3 resemblance on the market, but somewhat lacking in quality in the form of material selection for the externals. LCT is well known for their realistic external material quality when compared to the real counterpart and this is no exception. The parts in real metal are in real metal and the plastic is real plastic.

Contents of the package

The replica is delivered in a black box with LCT logotype and the text LC-3 series. More than the gun itself there is a magazine (holds 140 BB’s), an instruction manual and a catalog of LCT’s products 2017. It is also delivered with the tools “stainless steel hooked of cocking lever”. Although that tool was not included in our sample.

Appearance, build quality and functionality

This is the section that puts LCT in a higher tier above the avarage.

Real quality steel with a good manufacturing process that you can spot on the externals gives a real heartfelt feeling when handling the replica. The weight is there and gives me a flashback to my days in the SAF home guard with my own AK4. The outside is just like the real thing, the butt stock, pistol grip and hand guard is in plastic, the rest in steel that makes it almost identical to the G3A3. For example front and back sights, sling attachment points etc.

Both the steel and plastic holds a high quality. In the end I used the plastic hand guard and butt stock as a hammer to both get in and out the retention pins.

The build quality really jumps at you when handling the replica, everything sits together very good. Not even the fire selector is forgiving, but needs to be manhandled to get it to the desired position. The fire indicator on the right side is non-functional. If you’ve ever had magazines that never really fit perfectly in the mag well no matter how much you’ve tried? You should try out the LC-3 because it really shows that the magazine was made for this replica. No wobble what so ever and when you want the mag out it also needs some manhandling in proper G3 fashion. Just in front of the mag well underneath the serial number is shown. It says LCG 120 0 0 0 0 0 1, but it’s unclear if this is only this sample that has number 1.

The only section, which is quite usual with LCT replicas, the internals are completely fine to use. Inside you will find a Version 2 gearbox (9mm bushings) with no directly premium internals but a more above average parts. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the internal parts.

You will find a straight brass inner barrel (6.02±0.01 mm precision barrel) with a more than adequate hopup housing and rubber. Although from the start I found small pieces of excess rubber inside of the barrel which can be a result of assembly from the factory. But that wasn’t anything the cleaning rod couldn’t fix.

The gearbox is powered by a high torque motor (25 000 rpm) and the standard spring power is M120 (393 fps) together with a steel ball bearings spring guide but LCT will change out the spring to comply to the countries law requirement (after order from distributor/retailer)

Unfortunately does the LC-3 not have any quick spring change solution (at least not this sample) and not any MOSFET.

It is quite wasy to disassemble the replica.

To adjust the rotary style hopup just bring the charging handle back and lock it in place, it is hidden behind the fake bolt that protects it.

To get to the battery compartment the butt plate needs to be removed. The butt plate is not prone to falling out by itself because of the strong flat springs that catch on the pin retainers pipes.

A side note is that on LC-3 the pin retainers are further apart than on the real one, this is probably because they wanted you to fit a reasonable sized battery inside. But if you’re not really picky you will not really notice it. Also the sling attachment point on the stock is more protruding for the same reason is my guess.

Even though the butt stock looks really roomy it doesn’t fit really big batteries. Smaller cell NiMh worked and also 11,1V LiPo batteries. I only had stick type on hand, but the somewhat wider LiPo’s should also work.

LCT recommends 11,1V 20C LiPo.

The battery connector is a small type Tamiya on a 18AWG cable that goes to the motor.

Öppnad kartong.

Also the magazines are made of metal and they come in 2 different design, plain and stripe. Both designs come in midcap (140 BB) and highcap (500 BB). Totally LCT will be shipping 4 different magazines for the LC-3. It’s the stripe midcap we got with our sample. For maintenance of the mags you open it with a hex key.

It is also compatible with G3 magazines with Tokyo Marui standard if the feeding lips are bent inwards to fit the mag well, according to the manufacturer.

More than magazines the manufacturer has launched (and will launch) a great deal of accessories and spare parts. For example an adapter [LC006] to be able to attach a bayonet to the rifle. LCT showed this adapter and how to mount it during the show TWAAA Int’l Camo festival 2017 (Youtube) in Taiwan in the beginning of June.

Some may wonder what the “-S” stands for in the name LC-3A3-S(BK) and that actually stands for what kind of hand guard it gets delivered with, in this occasion it’s Slimline. W stands for the Wide hand guard and when writing this review it has not been launched.

AK4 (Automatkarbin 4)

AK4 looks a lot like G3A3, but not exactly. AK4 should be improved on about 40 different points, example is a longer stock and other lettering at the fire selector. the G3 uses S-E-F which stands for Sicher (safe), Einzelfeuer (semi) and Feuerstoß (fully automatic).

On the AK4 the lettering is instead S-P-A which means Säkrad (safe), Patronvis eld (semi) and Automateld (fully automatic).

According to the information we got from the manufacturer when we meet up with them in Taiwan they do not have any plans for launching a AK4 kit, like the different lettering on the lower receiver (S-P-A).

Real Fake Guns will be modifying this sample with real parts from a AK4 to see what parts can be fitted, this to give inspiration and guidance for enthusiasts who want a more AK4 type of rifle of their LC-3.


According to the manufacturer.

Receiver: Full Steel
Overall Length: 1026mm
Weight: 4.41kg
Bushings/Bearings: 9mm Bearings
Motor: 25000rpm
Battery: 11.1V 20C Li-Polymer
Inner Barrel Length: Brass 6.02+/-0.01 mm/515mm
Hop Up Chamber: Plastic
Magazine: 140Rounds
Muzzle Velocity: Depended country’s law requirement
Blowback: No
Wire: 18AWG
Cylinder: Brass Chrome plated
Cylinder Head: CNC Aluminium Alloy
Pistoln Head: CNC Aluminium Alloy
Mosfet: No
Spring Guide: Steel Ball Bearings Spring Guide

Shooting / Fieldtest

I put in a newly charged 7,4V LiPo battery (NiMh with larger cells does NOT fit) and filled the mags with 0,28g Green Devil BB’s. After a couple of shots to get the curvature of the hop perfect I noticed that my arms were getting fatigued of holding the replica in firing position. The good news is that the hopup is capable of lifting 0,28 and holding it straight before dropping off. Although I do not have a standard place to try out guns so I don’t have any good indicators of distance, but my airsofters eyes and pacing said I could hit a half figure on about 55-60 meters. But the best groupings were at the 45 meter mark.

Fully automatic still gave a decent precision without giving any noticeable flyers. But here it always comes down as a reviewer that all hopups need a couple of thousand of BB’s fired before the rubber truly settles in. So a true users perspective I can’t really give without using the gun more extensively. But fun that the tradition still lives on that after a lot of shooting I held the gun with help of the magazine.


I am very positive to this replica since the build quality is exactly what I expect from something that is made of steel. All the parts fit together and they stay where they should. Even at disassemly it still held together and needed some force to let go.

Externally the replica is well polished and the manufacturing process did not have any shortcuts. The welds were good and that shows that the metal is of quality. the weight also closely reassembles the real AK4 and I have to be honest, it got a little heavy after a while. Multiple parts from a real rifle will fit from the start, like hand guard and butt stock. With that being said I am confident that it will hold up for the most an airsofter can throw at it and more.

The internal parts are of good quality and will not give up the first time around. And because it’s a Version 2 gearbox there is a lot of spare parts if the issue would arise. The precision barrel that it is delivered with is good enough to just pick up and play with, the length does help precision.

If you are on the hunt for a rifle that is a good base for a G3/AK4 this is a promising candidate and should be in the final running for your decision.

In Europe a LC-3 will cost around 470 Euros and in Asia for about 384 USD. Even of the price the replica will hold up and the second-hand value can still be motivated because of the quality. Even if it’s not tested yet, there should be no problem in converting it to HPA.

Fredrik has been the one doing this review and the manufacturer LCT Airsoft has supplied us with a sample of the LC-3A3-S (BK).