Krytac och EMG lanserar FN P90 (AEG)

Krytac och EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) har idag presenterat att de kommer lansera airsoftvapnet FN P90 (AEG), licensierat via Cybergun.

Airsoftvapnet (EMG P90) uppges lanseras i hela världen i början av september. Läs mer i texten nedan.
Cybergun äger licensrättigheterna för FN Herstal-produkter som är airsoftvapen.

August 2, 2021 – Alhambra, California, USA – Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG), the production and distribution subsidiary of, the worldwide leading airsoft retailer, announce the airsoft reproduction of the FN P90® Tactical Submachine Gun, manufactured in collaboration with KRISS USA Inc.’s premier brand of airsoft products, KRYTAC®, under license granted by Cybergun SA.

The EMG P90® AEG is a 1:1 representation of the FN P90® Tactical SMG, a top loading, bullpup submachine gun, with MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny top rail. The body is made of a durable, impact resistant, polymer, with an aluminum upper receiver; and an ambidextrous magazine release, charging handles, and selector switch. The P90® is a select fire SMG with a compound trigger in Auto mode, a half press fires one round, a full press fires automatic. The EMG P90® is fed through a 200 rounds mid capacity magazine, with selectable 50 rounds capacity switch.

“Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) is excited to bring this new Licensed FN P90® to the Airsoft and training market,” according to George Melahn, Marketing Manager. “We are very pleased to collaborate with KRYTAC® and Cybergun on this endeavor.”

“The P90® AEG is beloved for its compact size, weight, and ease of upgradability. We’ve elevated this great platform in the same way that every KRYTAC product stands above the rest,” states KRISS USA Marketing Manager, Tim Seargeant. “Subtle, but significant, features are designed into this P90 to improve the useability and ownership experience. The trigger pull is adjustable through a small port behind the grip. The hop up window opens when pulling the charging handle, and it’s large enough to be adjusted while wearing gloves. Removing the butt plate reveals the quick change spring guide and a generous battery compartment, due to the fuse mounting to the gearbox, reducing unnecessary wiring. Internally, 8mm ball bearings support all three gears, integrated MOSFET, T-plug connector, and electronic fire control unit with last round cut off, when using KRYTAC Magazines.”

The EMG P90® will be available worldwide beginning in September 2021. Standard packaging will include one mid capacity magazine, metal P90® muzzle device, Tamiya to T-plug battery connector, and one picatinny side rail section. Pricing and performance will vary by region.


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Krytac har presenterat Kriss Vector (Alpine), Trident PDW M4 (M-lok) och M4-magasin som förväntas lanseras i december

Lagom till Evike Airsoftcon 2019 (lördag 19:e oktober) har tillverkaren Krytac presenterat tre kommande produkter de kommer visa upp där och som förväntas lanseras i december.

Begränsad upplaga av Kriss Vector (Limited Edition Alpine), Trident M4 PDW i M-lok-version samt M4-magasin (midcap, 150 BBs) med bland annat nivåindikator, follower och riktningsvisare.

Nämnda airsoftvapen är utrustade med Airsoft T-Plug (Deans, men från Titan Power) i stället för Tamiya-kontakter som tidigare lanserade modeller har.

Läs mer i Krytacs pressmeddelande nedan.

KRYTAC® unveil new Limited Edition KRISS® Vector, Trident PDW M4, M4 Magazine, and utilization of Airsoft T-Plug.

October 17, 2019 – Brea, California, USA – Today, KRYTAC® announce plans to release a new limited edition KRISS® Vector, an M-lok version of the Trident M4 PDW, and a 150 rounds capacity M4 magazine. All three new products will be on public display for the first time at Airsoftcon 2019, October 19th, at the Super Store in Alhambra, California.

The new Limited Edition KRISS® Vector Alpine is a close quarters battle AEG featuring the Alpine White furniture adorned on the KRISS® Vector firearm. Additional features include the Gen 2.1 upper receiver, 6.5” barrel length, Vector MK5 Modular Rail with preinstalled picatinny hand stop, and DS150 telescopic stock; which replicate the standard configuration of the Vector SBR firearm. Other limited edition features include the Vector AEG extended battery cap, two magazines (95 rounds extended size, and 50 rounds standard size), and a certificate of authenticity. Worldwide production of the Vector Alpine AEG is limited to 3,000 units.

The second new AEG that KRYTAC® announce is the Trident MKII-M PDW, an ultra-compact M4 style CQB AEG. In addition to the new 5” free floating M-lok rail, this PDW features the newest version Compact Carbine Stock. When compared to the previous model, the new CCS offers several improvements, such as a larger battery compartment with tool-less access. The CCS now offers pull-to-extend deployment, allowing the user to extend the stock one handed, without pushing any buttons or levers. Finally, a sling attachment point has been added that is reversible to accommodate left and right handed players.

Internally, both the Limited Edition Vector Alpine and the Trident MKII-M PDW feature the new Airsoft T-Plug battery connector, with Tamiya adaptor. The Airsoft T-Plug is smaller, provides a more secure connection, and functions with substantially less resistance, versus the traditional Tamiya plug. The Limited Edition Vector Alpine and the Trident MKII-M PDW are the first KRYTAC® AEGs to supercede the the T-Plug over the Tamiya. Regarding the transition to the Airsoft T-Plug, KRYTAC Product Manager, Allen Lau states, “The Airsoft T-Plug, commonly referred to as Deans Plugs, has been the connector of choice among top level technicians for decades, due to the performance gains and space savings for high performance AEG builds. We are very excited to offer this superior battery connector as an OEM configuration, and continue to exceed user expectations for out-of-box performance.”

Finally, the KRYTAC® M4 Magazine, a 150 rounds capacity magazine designed to resolve common gameplay perplexities. The M4 Midcap features dual translucent windows along the BB track and a high visibility orange follower. The bottom of the windows indicated 30 rounds between it and the feed lip, to quickly identify remaining capacity. The triangular button securing the baseplate is also made of high visibility orange, and acts as a forward indicator for orientation identification. In order to ease maintenance and cleaning, the KRYTAC M4 Mag features a multi-piece construction with a clear core, disassembly of the mag body, spring, and follower can be performed without any tools.

Pricing and Availability

The KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector Limited Edition Alpine AEG and the Trident MKII-M PDW will all be available for worldwide distribution beginning December 2019. The manufacturer suggested retail price for the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector Limited Edition Alpine AEG is $499.00. The MSRP of the Trident MKII-M PDW is $325.00. The KRYTAC® M4 Midcap Magazine is currently available through KRYTAC Authorized retailers, and it is offered individually for $15.99 each, or as a pack of five for $69.99.

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”Priskrig” på Krytac hos airsoftbutiker i Sverige

Nu är ”priskriget” igång på allvar för Krytac-airsoftvapen hos airsoftbutiker i Sverige och butiken Frysen Airsoft garanterar att de säljer till Sveriges lägsta priser.


Airsoftkiosken har efter påtryckningar från distributören höjt sina Krytac-priser till deras rekommenderade försäljningspris.

De uppges dock tillåta Frysen Airsoft att ha ”[…] garanterat Sveriges lägsta priser […]” på grund av att det är en tillfällig prissänkning.

Den förhållandevis nya butiken Airsoftkiosken i Uppsala (endast webshop) har länge lett ligan med att erbjuda airsoftvapen från Krytac till (i de flesta fall) lägsta pris i Sverige, dock med det mesta som beställningsvara med leveranstid på runt 1 till 2 veckor. I deras webshop står det bland annat ”Krytac’s till Sveriges lägsta priser!”.

Men nu har butiken Frysen Airsoft i Jönköping tagit täten bland de svenska airsoftåterförsäljarna genom kraftigt sänkta priser och erbjuder Krytac-airsoftvapen till lägsta pris och garanterar att de erbjuder lägsta priserna i Sverige då de i sin webshop bland annat skriver ”Vi har garanterat Sveriges lägsta priser på Krytac”.

Till berättar företrädare från Airsoftkiosken att de ska se över sina möjligheter att prispressa ännu mera då det ligger i deras intresse att vara billigast.

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Krytac-lanseringar hösten 2018

Krytac (Kriss USA) har nu under hösten lanserat sex stycken nya airsoftvapen och som förväntas anlända till airsoftbutiker nu i oktober.

I Kriss Vector-serien är det Krytac Kriss Vector Limited Edition och Krytac Kriss Vector Two-Tone där nedre delen är i färgen Flat Dark Earth (FDE).

Utöver dessa nämnda ovan så kommer Trident MKII-M CRB, SPR, Trident 47 samt War Sport-licensierade GPR-CC finnas hos butiker.

Butiken och distributören är exklusiv distributör för Krytac i bland annat Sverige och större delen av Europa.

Six New KRYTAC® AEGs Now Available

New AEG models have just arrived to Authorized Distributors, worldwide.

October 5, 2018 – Brea, California, USA – KRYTAC® is pleased to announce six new AEGs arriving to KRYTAC® Authorized Distributors worldwide, with an expected availability at retail stores this October. New models include; the KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition and the KRISS® Vector AEG Two-Tone, the Trident MKII-M CRB and SPR, the Trident 47, and the War Sport GPR-CC.

Only 3000 units of the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition will be available, worldwide. The Limited Edition model exclusively utilizes the KRISS® Vector GEN II 2017 one-piece upper receiver and Ambidextrous Folding Stock. Beneath the pistol grip is a new extended battery cover. The barrel of the Limited Edition is five inches longer than a standard KRISS® Vector AEG, allowing for a 280mm inner barrel, which offers a slight boost in velocity and range. The longer barrel is surrounded by an all new M-lok modular hand guard. Internally, the AEG is powered by the same vertically oriented mechbox as the standard KRISS® Vector AEG. Manufacturer suggested retail price for the KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition is $595.00.

Another addition to the Vector AEG line up is the KRISS® Vector AEG Two-Tone, which features a Flat Dark Earth lower receiver cover. The Vector Two-Tone features the same price and specifications as the black KRISS® Vector AEG, $449.00.

The Trident MKII line up is also receiving two new additions with the MKII-M CRB and SPR, M denoting M-Lok. The Trident MKII-M CRB features a DEFIANCE® TR210 M-Lok hand guard, which is 10” long and features four M-lok slots at the 3, 6, and 9 o-clock positions. The Trident MKII-M SPR features the TR213 M-lok hand guard, which is 13” long and features six M-lok slots. Additionally, all MKII-M AEGs will feature the DEFIANCE® Low Profile Polymer Flip Sights, which sit just 0.56” above the rail when folded. Pricing and standard features for the M-lok rifles remains the same as their keymod counterpart, $345.00 for the CRB and $355.00 for the SPR.

Another expansion on an existing KRYTAC® product line comes in the form of the Trident 47 SPR. The Trident 47 is a unique configuration of the AR-15 with an AK style lower receiver. While all other ergonomic and functions are the same between the Trident 47 SPR and the Trident MKII-M SPR, including the DEFIANCE® TR213 M-lok hand guard, the magazine well is designed to accept AK-47 magazines. Included with the Trident 47 is a 600 round AK-47 high cap. The Trident 47 SPR manufacturer suggested retail price is $365.00.

Finally, the War Sport GPR-CC is the latest AEG Officially Licensed by War Sport Manufacturing®. The GPR-CC is the lightweight, suppressor capable, version of the ever-popular LVOA rifle. The GPR-CC features a 13.875” free float rail and 16” threaded barrel, which reduces the overall weight of the GPR-CC and accommodates a barrel extension or tracer unit. Manufacturer suggested retail price for the GPR-CC is $425.00.

Prices and performance may vary by region. Deliveries have already begun for new models to KRYTAC® Authorized Distributors, with many accepting pre-orders. To find an Authorized KRYTAC® Reseller near you visit the KRYTAC® Dealer Locator page. For more information about the new products, visit the KRYTAC® website at

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Krytac lanserar Kriss Vector AEG Limited Edition

Tillverkaren Krytac (Kriss USA) har offentliggjort att de kommer lansera KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition i en upplaga av 3000 stycken, med säljstart i september.

Produkten har bland annat det nya axelstödet KRISS Vector Ambidextrous Folding Stock, förlängt pistolgrepp för att få plats med större batteri och förlängd pipa samt ett handskydd med M-lok-system.

De kommer börja säljas i september och har i USA fått ett rekommenderat försäljningspris på 595 USD (~5440 SEK). I Sverige kommer förmodligen försäljningspriset bli runt 7-8000 kr eftersom den befintliga versionen i Sverige kostar omkring 6000 kr (i den distributionszon som Sverige tillhör).

I den del av Europa där Sverige ingår är det distributören som har ensamrätt att distribuera Krytac till butiker. I den regionen ingår bland annat inte Storbritannien och Spanien vilket förklarar varför försäljningspriset kan vara annorlunda i de länderna.

The new KRISS® Vector AEG will be available Fall 2018, worldwide production limited to 3000 units.

August 24, 2018 – Brea, California, USA – Today KRYTAC®, KRISS USA’s brand of premium performance airsoft and training products, announce a new version of their officially licensed KRISS® Vector AEG. The KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition boasts a completely unique configuration that is akin to the current KRISS® Vector GEN II 2017 firearm paired with never before seen accessories. Only 3000 units of the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition will be produced. Worldwide availability begins in September 2018, with an MSRP of $595.00 USD.

The KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition differs from its standard production counterpart by utilizing the KRISS® Vector GEN II 2017 one piece upper receiver. To the rear of the receiver is the new KRISS® Vector Ambidextrous Folding Stock, which can be configured to fold to either the left or right side, and is telescopic, adjustable to three positions. The stock also features two quick detach sling swivel points as well as a sling loop to accommodate a variety of sling attachments. Beneath the pistol grip is a new extended battery cover, which adds 14 cm3 to the battery compartment. To front of the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition is an extended barrel, allowing for a 280mm inner barrel. The longer barrel is surrounded by an all new M-lok modular hand guard. Internally, the AEG is powered by the same vertically oriented mechbox as the standard KRISS® Vector AEG.

Worldwide production of the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG Limited Edition is restricted to 3000 units. Limited Edition AEGs will feature a unique serial number identifier and will be accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. Availability begins in September 2018 with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $595.00; final prices may vary by region.

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Kriss USA agerar mot olicensierade versioner av Kriss Vector (airsoftvapen)

Kriss USA (Krytac) har publicerat ett pressmeddelande om att de har börjat vidta rättsliga åtgärder gentemot olicensierade versioner av Kriss Vector som airsoftvapen.

Enligt pressmeddelandet har de nyligen lämnat in stämningar gentemot fyra stycken företag i Kanada som gjort intrång i deras immateriella rättigheter genom att de har distribuerat olicensierade versioner.

Rättsliga åtgärder ska också vara på gång mot företag i Europa, Sydamerika och Asien.

KRISS USA Takes Action to Protect Patents and Trademarks

KRISS USA has filed legal actions for the unlawful distribution of unlicensed KRISS Vector replicas.

February 5, 2018 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, designer and manufacturer of the KRISS® Vector family of firearms and training replicas, has filed the first suits against four firms in Canada for the violation of its intellectual property rights through the unlawful distribution of unlicensed reproductions of the KRISS® Vector automatic electric airsoft gun. Further legal actions are also being prepared against entities in Europe, South America and Asia.

”Preventing the unlawful distribution of replica KRISS USA products is vital to maintaining the integrity of our brand and the trust we’ve built with our customers.” States Tim Seargeant, KRISS USA’s Marketing Manager. ”Intellectual property theft, and distribution, is not only dishonest, but it also does a major disservice to the community by confusing customers and exposing them to potential risks due to inferior or non-compliant products. We have, amongst other, fielded communications from individuals who have purchased replica KRISS® Vector AEGs under the guise that it was an officially licensed KRISS® Vector; only to discover that they had paid for an unlicensed reproduction that does not have the full customer support of KRISS USA. We are committed to the healthy growth of airsoft through honest business practices, which is why it is our duty to actively prevent the dissemination of illegitimate products.”

KRISS USA is an innovation leader in firearms technology, revolutionizing firearms operating systems and designs with the KRISS Vector Submachine Gun. KRISS USA is heavily invested in the technology and design of the KRISS Vector, including non-lethal, training and recreational shooting models through its brand KRYTAC®, in order to deliver to its customers an uncompromised level of quality and performance expected to reflect its brand values. KRISS USA will continue to pursue manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, for any infringements on its patents, designs, trademarks and rights, in accordance with applicable laws, around the world, for the unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of KRISS product replicas.

For more information about KRISS USA and the KRISS Vector visit:

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Kriss USA (Krytac) har mottagit licensrättighet från Osprey Armament (MK36H)

[SHOT Show 2018] Under SHOT Show 2018 tillkännagav Kriss USA (Krytac) att de har mottagit licensrättigheterna att lansera MK36H som airsoftvapen från Osprey Armament.

Mer utförlig information från Krytac kommer presenteras senare under året.

KRYTAC® Announces Officially Licensed Osprey Armament MK36H Precision Rifle

KRISS USA, Inc. signs an exclusive agreement with Osprey Armament for the licensed production of a KRYTAC® MK36H airsoft precision rifle.

January 25, 2018 – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – KRYTAC®, KRISS USA’s brand of leading airsoft and training products, will produce an airsoft version of the new MK36H rifle with exclusive licensing from Osprey Armament. KRYTAC® and Osprey Armament jointly announced the exclusive agreement during the 2018 Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada.

”The MK36H is a truly unique firearm that blends classic style with modern ergonomics and performance.” states KRISS USA Business Development Manager, Michael Hou. ”We have a long standing relationship with the Osprey Armament team, whose core values of uncompromising performance and innovative design are mutual. We are honored to sign this exclusive licensing agreement with Osprey Armament, and we are very excited to work alongside our close friends once again, to share their vision of the perfect long distance precision rifle with the airsoft community.”

”Osprey Armament is very excited to be partnering with KRISS USA on this endeavor as part of our product delivery strategy for the MK36H.” According to Osprey Armament President, Mark Russell. ”KRISS USA’s expertise with airsoft aligns well with our vision to establish the MK36H in both the firearms and airsoft communities.”

The Osprey Armament MK36H is a trail blazing new rifle that blends the iconic design of the M14/M1A with the familiar controls and ergonomics of the ubiquitous AR style platform. The result is a rugged, lightweight, and accurate semi-automatic rifle, chambered in .308 Win/7.62x51mm; making it a versatile solution for tactical, hunting, and precision shooting. Technical specifications and details regarding the KRYTAC® MK36H will be released at a later date.

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Krytac Kriss Vector AEG kommer till svenska butiker i oktober!

Nyligen lanserades Krytac Kriss Vector AEG men det lär dröja till tidigast oktober innan butiker i Sverige får dessa i lager.

Distributören (och butiken) i Österrike som är exklusiv distributör av Krytac för de flesta länder i Europa (inklusive Sverige) uppskattar att första leveransen till dem kommer i oktober. Förhoppningsvis kommer då butiker i Sverige få del av den.

Försäljningspriset till konsument i AirsoftZones butik är i skrivande stund satt till € 569.90 (~5500 SEK).

I andra europeiska länder som exempelvis Storbritannien och Spanien är det andra distributörer.

Exempel på butiker som erbjuder förhandsbokning:


Krytac: The KRISS Vector AEG is Shipping Now!

Tillverkaren Kriss USA (Krytac) har skickat in ett pressmeddelande med information om att Krytac Kriss Vector AEG nu är lanserad!

Enligt pressmeddelandet kommer leverans till Asien, Europa och Sydamerika ske i slutet av juli och Kanada i augusti.

Rekommenderat försäljningspris är $449.

1 midcap-magasin ingår. Extramagasin finns tillgängliga i paket om 1 eller 3 st.


The officially licensed KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG available Summer 2017

June 30, 2017 – Brea, California, USA – Today KRYTAC®, KRISS USA’s brand of premium performance airsoft and training products, launches the first and only officially licensed KRISS® Vector AEG. The all-new AEG is the first of its kind, and an exact replica of the KRISS® Vector SMG Submachine Gun. The KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG is shipping now to KRYTAC® distribution partners.

The dimensions of the all-new KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG are a 1:1 scale to its firearms counterpart. Additional external features include the side folding stock, ambidextrous safety and selector switches, MIL-STD 1913 picatinny top rail, MIL-STD 1913 picatinny bottom accessory rail, and a Trident flash hider mounted to the 14mm counter clock wise threaded barrel.

Internally, the AEG is powered by a vertically oriented mechbox, with V2 compatible gears, piston, piston head, and cylinder. A short type motor pulls the AEG main spring, which is guided by a quick detach metal ball bearing spring guide. Semi, two round burst, and fully automatic fire modes are controlled by a micro-switch trigger and electronic control board with integrated 3034 MOSFET. Additional internal features include the famous KRYTAC® rotary hop up, bucking, and a 155mm inner barrel. Feeding the KRISS® Vector AEG is a 95 rounds mid capacity magazine.

Factory standard accessories include the DEFIANCE® front and rear folding polymer sights, a 7-slot MIL-STD 1913 picatinny side rail section, and one magazine. Initial deliveries of the KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG will ship with one (1) additional free mid capacity magazine.

Pricing and Availability
The KRYTAC® KRISS® Vector AEG is shipping now to the United States and is available for a suggested retail price of $449.00 (US). Other international markets including Asia, Europe, and South America will receive initial shipments by the end of July. First deliveries to Canada will be made by the end of August.

Additional magazines are available individually for $24.95 (US), or as a three-piece value package for $69.95(US). International pricing varies by region.


For more information about the KRISS® Vector AEG visit the KRYTAC® website at

Pressmeddelandet i sin helhet

Exempel på butiker som redan nu erbjuder förhandsbeställning nedan (ej med i pressmeddelandet).


Snart dags för lansering av Krytac Kriss Vector AEG

Lanseringen av Krytac Kriss Vector AEG närmar sig och den information som är känd sen tidigare är att modellen först kommer lanseras i länderna USA och Japan.

Lanseringsdatumet är 30 juni, men sen kan det dröja några dagar in i juli innan butiker i berörda länder skickar ut till kunder.

Ursprungligen var lanseringsdatumet satt till 31:a mars men flyttades fram till sista juni istället.

Första batchen kommer bestå av några hundra exemplar och lanseringen i Europa förväntas ske någonstans i juli-augusti. Flera butiker erbjuder redan nu förhandsbokning (se lista längre ner).

Krytacs samarbetspartner Laylax i Japan har publicerat några bilder på airsoftvapnet och dessa har vi lånat till denna nyhet.

Kriss USA förväntas skicka ut ett pressmeddelande med ”officiell information” inom kort.

På konsumentmässan TWAAA Int’l Camo Festival 2017 i Taiwan för några veckor sedan träffade vi Allen från Kriss USA (Krytac) tillsammans med japanska tillverkaren Laylax.

Exempel på butiker som redan nu erbjuder förhandsbeställning nedan.