Krytac och EMG lanserar FN P90 (AEG)

Krytac och EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) har idag presenterat att de kommer lansera airsoftvapnet FN P90 (AEG), licensierat via Cybergun.

Airsoftvapnet (EMG P90) uppges lanseras i hela världen i början av september. Läs mer i texten nedan.
Cybergun äger licensrättigheterna för FN Herstal-produkter som är airsoftvapen.

August 2, 2021 – Alhambra, California, USA – Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG), the production and distribution subsidiary of, the worldwide leading airsoft retailer, announce the airsoft reproduction of the FN P90® Tactical Submachine Gun, manufactured in collaboration with KRISS USA Inc.’s premier brand of airsoft products, KRYTAC®, under license granted by Cybergun SA.

The EMG P90® AEG is a 1:1 representation of the FN P90® Tactical SMG, a top loading, bullpup submachine gun, with MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny top rail. The body is made of a durable, impact resistant, polymer, with an aluminum upper receiver; and an ambidextrous magazine release, charging handles, and selector switch. The P90® is a select fire SMG with a compound trigger in Auto mode, a half press fires one round, a full press fires automatic. The EMG P90® is fed through a 200 rounds mid capacity magazine, with selectable 50 rounds capacity switch.

“Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG) is excited to bring this new Licensed FN P90® to the Airsoft and training market,” according to George Melahn, Marketing Manager. “We are very pleased to collaborate with KRYTAC® and Cybergun on this endeavor.”

“The P90® AEG is beloved for its compact size, weight, and ease of upgradability. We’ve elevated this great platform in the same way that every KRYTAC product stands above the rest,” states KRISS USA Marketing Manager, Tim Seargeant. “Subtle, but significant, features are designed into this P90 to improve the useability and ownership experience. The trigger pull is adjustable through a small port behind the grip. The hop up window opens when pulling the charging handle, and it’s large enough to be adjusted while wearing gloves. Removing the butt plate reveals the quick change spring guide and a generous battery compartment, due to the fuse mounting to the gearbox, reducing unnecessary wiring. Internally, 8mm ball bearings support all three gears, integrated MOSFET, T-plug connector, and electronic fire control unit with last round cut off, when using KRYTAC Magazines.”

The EMG P90® will be available worldwide beginning in September 2021. Standard packaging will include one mid capacity magazine, metal P90® muzzle device, Tamiya to T-plug battery connector, and one picatinny side rail section. Pricing and performance will vary by region.


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APS lanserar (EMG) F1 Firearms BDR-15 3G

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong är på gång att lansera serien F1 BDR-15 3G. Till utseendet har serien en skeletonized vapenkropp, liknande förlagan.

Produkterna är tillverkade av APS i Hong Kong, men det är EMG (Evike) som äger licensrättigheterna för F1 Firearms som airsoftvapen.

Längre ner information och bilder på varje modell.

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Evike och EMG på SHOT Show 2018

[SHOT Show 2018] Konsumentmarknaden känner som en enorm airsoftbutik i USA, men de är också en stor distributör och licensägare, under namnet Evike Manufacturing Group (EMG).

I deras monter på mässan visade de främst upp airsoftvapen som de är licensägare (tex Salient Arms International ”SAI” och Falkor) för och som de är exklusiva distributörer för (tex Krytac i USA). Bland annat APS tillverkar åt EMG.

Från Krytac så visade de upp en prototyp av Poseidon-serien.

Mer information om allt i videon nedan från och EMG. Notera dock att det långa handskyddet till Krytac Kriss Vector bara är för show och inte någon reguljär produkt.

Blooper – hur det kan gå när man spelar in videor.

FALKOR Defense- Recce (Shadow) från APS

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong fortsätter att lansera airsoftvapen till Falkor Defense Recce-serien som de tillverkar och senast ut är Shadow.

Det är EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) som äger licensrättigheterna till Falkor Defense-produkter som airsoftvapen.

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FALKOR Defense Blitz och Recce från APS

Tillverkaren APS i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att automatkarbinerna Recce och Blitz från FALKOR Defense kommer lanseras som airsoftvapen inom kort. Det är EMG (Evike Manufacting Group) i USA som innehar FALKOR-licensen och APS som tillverkar airsoftversionerna.

Dessa vapen ingår i EMG Training weapon-serien.

FALKOR Defense is a world famous firearms manufacturer located in Kalispell Montana. Its company foundation is based on innovation and developing technologies that can be used for military and civilian applications. FALKOR Defense, named brand of the year Shotshow 2017, recruited world class engineer and designer in making their products. With the use CNC, Anodizing and Assembly, its products are all quality ensured, intovated and value-added.

EMG (Evike Manufacturing Group) is a company with a mission to create ultimate training weapons for law enforcement, military and war-game simulations. EMG products has proved itself from the start to be the most advanced equipment from the simulation ground to the law enforcement training, living up to highest expecations. In 2017, EMG granted the license from FALKOR Defense to make and distribute rifle model Blitz and Recce in AEG under EMG Training weapon series.

APS Ltd is a company with years of experience in making Airsoft and Law Enforcement training products. Today, APS is proud to work with above two companies to assist in distribute and manufacturing Airsoft Model Blitz and Recce to worldwide customer.

Model Recce
Reference to FALKOR Defense, it is a SEAL recon rifle that was developed to provide SEAL snipers with a portable, lightweight and accurate weapon. FALKOR has adopted the heavier barrel concept and improved on the original concept by marrying it to transition rail, enhanced bridged action and sporterized chassis. In the AEG version, Model Recce is installed with APS No.2 Silver Edge Gear Box which is one of the highest quality Airsoft gear box found in the market. With all the mirrored ambidextrous catches used in this rifle, model Reece is one of the most tactical, sports alike guns in Airsoft industry.

Model Blitz
Reference to FALKOR Defense, this gun represents the latest technical advancements in today’s modern sporting rifle. The upper and lower receiver sets are precision machined to optimize operation addressing carrier-tilt and walk. Similar to model Recce, it has all the mirrored ambidextrous controls, together with the blue blast cap tunable muzzle, Blitz represents a breakthrough in AR design. Each component is carefully designed by FALKOR engineer. In AEG version, it installed with APS No.2 Silver Edge Gear Box, making model Blitz become one of the most reliable SBR rifle in Airsoft industry.

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