SPEED Delta ring wrench

SPEED Airsoft Delta ring WrenchThe Canadian company SPEED Airsoft have specialized in various innovative tools (Pro tools) and parts for airsoft weapons. We have tested the tools SPEED Delta Ring Wrench (#SA2068), SPEED M4/M16 Tool (#SA2096) samt SPEED Adjustable Nut Wrench (#SA2078). The tools are designed for M4/M16 weapons.

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Contents of the package

The tool comes in a plastic box. On the back there is information about the tool and what it used to.

The tool comes in a plastic box. On the back there is information about the tool and what it used to.

Appearance and Build Quality

SPEED Delta ring wrench from the front. Close-up of the pins. SPEED Delta ring wrench from behind.

This tool is for loose or tighten the Delta ring and it’s made of CNC machined aluminum. The tool have 8 pins to fit the delta ring. On the opposite side there is a hole for hanging up on hook.

Field test /In action

The Delta ring.

The airsoft weapons we have tested the tool with are King Arms M4A1 (KA-AG-20), Dboys M4A1 and Tokyo Marui M733 (but not applicable on this).

The tool works good with the two first M4’s delta rings but it does not fit the TM M733 because the Delta ring is another design.


The SPEED Delta ring wrench looks good, feels solid and good to work with.

If you have a M4/M16 with a Delta ring who fit this tool (probably the most) so is this a good tool to have in its toolbox if you need to repair or upgrade your airsoft gun. Maybe you feel that the price is too high for a simple tool (about $ 35 from retailers), but it’s a tool with good quality.


We have not compared this tool with other similar tools on the market, also our opinions based entirely on this product.



SPEED Airsoft’s products sells by several retailers around the world. Check this website to see your nearest retailer: http://www.speedairsoft.com/WhereToBuy.php

The Swedish airsoft retailer Vapenbutiken is one of two retailers in Europe for the moment.

This review is made by Daniel (Coordinator Product testing) and the manufacturer SPEED Airsoft in Canada has provided us with this product.