TR16 MBR-serien (med G2-gearbox) från G&G

Tillverkaren G&G Armament i Taiwan har skickat in information om sin nyligen lanserade MBR-serie som innehåller deras nya G2-gearbox (som de offentliggjorde förra året). Läs mer om G2 i texten nedan.

De modeller som åtminstone initialt finns i MBR-serien är TR16 MBR 556WH [G2L-016-WHL-BNB-NCM], TR16 MBR 308SR [G2H-016-SRH-BNB-NCM] och TR16 MBR 308WH [G2H-016-WHH-BNB-NCM].

Produkterna har dock redan börjat leta sig ut till flera airsoftbutiker runt om i världen.

Hos butiker i Europa kostar dem mellan runt 4000 och 5600 kr (sistnämnda Sverige).

Introducing the newest MBR Series from G&G Armament. The new MBR Series features our revolutionary G2 gearbox for superior performance and range straight out of the box. The TR16 MBR 556WH comes with an M-LOK metal rail and is compatible with any M4 magazines. Whereas, the TR16 MBR 308SR and TR16 MBR 308WH come with a metal Keymod rail and a proprietary 40r 308-style magazine.

The G2 is reinforced by more than 70% in height and 74% in thickness than previous V2 gearbox to prevent any front-end cracking. Internally, it has a double O-ring air nozzle for a tighter seal, 50% thicker padded cylinder head for better compression and redesigned bevel gear engagements for high-caliber performance. In addition, we upgraded the electronic trigger unit (E.T.U) for a 5-round and 3-round burst and made the MOSFET 50% smaller. Lastly, the G2 is equipped with a quick spring change and magazine power cut –off detection for safety and compliance in any environment.