Kriss USA sätter stopp för A&K Kriss Vector AEG

A&K Kriss Vector AEG

Kriss USA som innehar licensrättigheterna för Kriss Vector SMG som airsoftvapen har släppt ett pressmeddelande om att de kommer vidta rättsliga åtgärder emot alla tillverkare, importörer, distributörer och butiker som gör intrång på deras patent, designrättigheter och varumärken.

Det var i mitten av månaden som polska butiken Taiwangun publicerade en video med en påstådd Kriss Vector AEG från tillverkaren A&K. Men nu sätter alltså Kriss USA stopp för detta.

KRISS USA will use all available means to protect worldwide patents and trademarks.

August 31, 2016 – Chesapeake, Virginia, USA – KRISS USA, developer and manufacturer of the KRISS Vector family of firearms, has been made aware of an unauthorized and unlicensed reproduction of its KRISS Vector SMG in the form of an AEG replica by A&K Airsoft. Despite several official notifications, A&K Airsoft has pursued into the continuation of this project, and is planning release of this unlicensed product.

KRISS USA is an innovation leader in firearms technology, revolutionizing firearms operating systems and designs with the KRISS Vector Submachine Gun. KRISS USA is heavily invested in the technology and design of the KRISS Vector, including non-lethal, training and recreational shooting models through its brand KRYTAC, in order to deliver to its customers an uncompromised level of quality and performance to reflect its brand values. KRISS USA is prepared to take all necessary actions to aggressively protect those investments and commitments.

KRISS USA will be actively pursuing manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers, to the fullest extent of the applicable laws, for any infringements on its patents, designs, trademarks and rights in the United States, Europe, and Asia for the unauthorized manufacturing and distribution of KRISS product replicas. Furthermore, KRISS USA is actively preparing its actions in the countries of Poland, Russia, UK, Italy, Taiwan and Japan.

Video från SHOT Show 2016 där Kriss USA visar upp Krytac Kriss Vector GEN II AEG. Förväntas lanseras i slutet av året.