Airtech Studios lanserar BEU för G&G ARP9 och ARP556 i december

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong som tidigare är kända för bland annat BEU (Battery Extension Unit) för Ares Amoebas modeller AM-013 / 014 / 015 kommer i december lansera motsvarande för ARP9 och ARP556 från G&G Armament.

By popular demand from our followers and abundance requests from our retailers, we are on route to manufacture a Battery Extension Unit (BEU) for the popular G&G ARP9 & ARP556. Players have been loving the performance of this highly anticipated gun with it’s new electronic gearbox technology, but have struggled to utilize larger batteries for their setup. With the help of the BEU, users will be able to utilize larger batteries especially with the G&G drum mag to improve their Airsoft experiences with the gun. Also, it acts also to help protect the cables and program unit from over bending. Please see attached for a quick demonstration poster of our product.

Our website is currently accepting pre-order of the item and will be ready for shipping ready for Christmas period – perfect time for customers treat themselves to an early present!

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