Airtech Studios lanserar Gearbox Installation Kit (GIK)

Tillverkaren Airtech Studios i Hong Kong har skickat in information om att de är på gång att lansera verktyget Gearbox Installation Kit (GIK) som ska göra det enklare vid underhåll av gearbox.

The product is a gearbox installation kit used to help any users save the frustration of putting the gearbox together after maintenance or upgrade in the gearbox. This could save a lot of hours and time to put it back together and is a great upsell product for any customer who buys any gearbox related upgrades for the rifles.

This will be an amazing upsell product for any customer who purchases any AEG related products, guns or upgrades like the pistons, cylinders, gears etc.

We aim to have these available by the end of this week for launching.